How to Get Google Photos Shortcut in Your Camera App of Android Device?

How to Get Google Photos Shortcut in Your Camera App of Android Device?

Earlier when mobile phones were launched, their primary objective was to call and text remotely. But now, it has gone to a completely next level. The primary requirement of most of the consumers is the camera; to take perfect shots wherever they are. This change in the mindset has led almost all mobile manufacturing companies to come up with stunning camera technology.

No matter how beautiful picture your Android camera takes, we always want to add a special touch to it in form of editing. And when we talk about it, the native Gallery app of Android OS is not as powerful as other professional apps that are designed only for editing pictures. One of such editing apps is the Google Photos app.

After you capture a picture on your device, you see a small image of it right inside the camera app. tapping it will take you to the picture along with default editing apps provided by your manufacturer, which are not at all up to the mark. So today, we will learn how to incorporate Google Photos app shortcut right inside the Camera app so that it directly takes you to Google Photos instead of the native editing app.

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How to get Google Photos shortcut in the camera app of Android device:

Step #1: In case you have not done it already, then download and install Google Photos app on your Android device.

how-to-get-google-photos-shortcut-camera-app-of-android-device-step2Step #2: Once you have installed the app, launch it.


Step #3: Now inside the app, tap on the three horizontal lines located at the top-left corner of the app screen.

Step #4: Tap on Settings and then toggle ON the switch beside “Camera shortcut”.


Step #5: Now go to the Camera app and capture a picture. You’ll notice that a floating Photos app icon will appear on the screen of the last captured image. Tap it and it will directly take you to the Photos app.

how-to-get-google-photos-shortcut-camera-app-of-android-device-step5That was quite simple, wasn’t it? Stick with us as we keep posting such awesome cool tutorial every day on your blog. You should also consider following us on our social pages to get latest updates from Droidsavvy.

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