How to Fix 'This item isn't available in your country' in Google Play Store

How to Fix ‘This item isn’t available in your country’ in Google Play Store

Google Play Store has millions of games & applications but unfortunately every item isn’t available for every user…Have you ever clicked Play Store link to download your favorite app but instead install button you saw “This item isn’t available in your country”? Well, that’s too annoying but fortunately there is quick and easy fix !

fix-item-isnt-available-country-google-play-store-1What you’ll need:
-Android device (no root required!)
-Internet connection
-This tutorial 🙂

fix-item-isnt-available-country-google-play-store-2Download Now

First of all go to Google Play Store and search & download any VPN app (Ex. Psiphon, HolaVPN, Hotspot Shield…)

After installation is completed then open VPN app, choose preferred country and click connect…


You’ll see VPN Dialog Box, mark “I trust this application.” and click OK, wait for about 30 seconds, then when you’ll see “connected to VPN” notification in notification bar.

Don’t close or force stop VPN app.

Go to Settings -> Apps -> All and look for Google Play Store and Google Play Services apps, first go to Google Play Store app settings page and click “force stop”, then “clear data”.

Do same for Google Play Services.

Now open Google Play Store (Make sure VPN is connected) and accept terms.

fix-item-isnt-available-country-google-play-store-4That’s all, now you have Google Play Store version for your preferred country & you can download your favorite app.
Please note:

1) Above process will clear saved settings and search history for Google Play Store.
2)Other country’s Google Play Store will remain active until you’ll disconnect VPN.

If you live outside of USA there’s chance that you miss many Google Play Store great stuff like Movies, Music, Books, Magazines… with above method you can activate USA Google Play Store and enjoy with it’s full features!


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