Finger Print Security will be coming with Marshmallow

Finger Print Security will be coming with Marshmallow
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Finger Print security coming along with Marshmallow

Data security has always been a biggest concern when it comes to technology. Marshmallow will be coming with Finger Print Security.

Android is topping the list of smart phone users globally; higher the number of users, higher is the responsibility. Number of smart phone users are increasing every single minute, also number of users making online financial transactions through smart phone are also increasing day by day.

Smart phones are no longer a multi-media device, or a device to make SMS and calls; usage has moved to another level. People have started making online payments and shopping as well through smart phones.

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With the latest news coming in, Android’s latest update Marshmallow 6.0 will be coming with Finger Print security.

This new feature will definitely take security to the next level. Once the update is out, we will see numbers of apps bombarding the play store to safeguard all your data and transactions with your finger print.

The only drawback is that, you will need a device with finger print sensor hardware installed in it. If you are planning to purchase a new Android Smart Phone we will advice you to wait for a while till the latest sensor is booming the market.

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