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How Educational Apps Help Students to Prepare for Competitive Exams?

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How Educational Apps Help Students to Prepare for Competitive Exams?
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With the increase in competition for entrance exams like JEE and NEET, it’s time that students improvise their way of preparation. It is essential to wisely use their time and properly utilize the available resources. In this generation of the technology-driven world, students should make the most of these resources.

Some students are confident to crack competitive exams with the minimum preparation while most students want to prepare the best they can. For hundreds of years, students have been preparing by the conventional method i.e. classroom-based courses and studying from a book. But eventually, the online learning and educational apps have paved the way in the education system. Here are some points on how educational apps can help students to prepare for competitive exams.

Most students in this generation are Smartphone users. The reason is that mobile phones are flexible and convenient. If candidates spend around 3 to 4 hours in learning from educational apps, it makes it easy to prepare for competitive exams like JEE and NEET. Preparing from educational apps not only helps students in exam preparation but also it keeps them engaged.

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Video lessons
Along with classroom lessons, coaching institutes like Byju’s provide educational apps to ease the learning process. The uploaded video classes enable students to prepare for their exams as well as improve their interest in studying. The videos include topic wise lessons with 3D animations and in-air projections. With the help of this, students can visualize the concepts which help them to remember these lessons for a longer time. It also includes demonstrations of shortcut techniques for tricky questions and exam strategies. One of the biggest achievements of this educational apps and video lectures is that students can view them anytime, anywhere and repeatedly.

Online Tests
Students can practice mock tests and questions that are available online, which can stimulate the students to adapt to question transition. The educational apps also provide solved papers for different classes like NCERT solutions for Class 10 Maths, NCERT solutions for Class 9, etc. The educational apps allow students to experience an exam like atmosphere through their online exams. The apps also provide explanations and answers to each question so that students can review all their answers and check where they are making mistakes.

Exam Updates
The educational apps are the best way to stay updated with all the competitive exams. Students can stay updates with exam details like syllabus, exam pattern, dates, the release of the application form, result dates, etc. with the help of educational apps. Students can save their time from reading a newspaper or watching the news and get all exam details in these mobile apps.

E-books provide a practical and inexpensive way to study. Competitive exams books do not come at a low price, but students can get the same books in their educational app. This can save a lot of their money. Also, e-books are portable as they come with the educational app. The e-books also provide NCERT solutions for JEE and NEET preparations. Students can get the full NEET sample papers, NEET syllabus, NCERT solutions, etc in their online study material.

These were some points on how educational apps can help students to prepare for competitive exams. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to watch interesting videos on JEE and NEET topics to prepare for the exam in an interactive way.

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