Duplicate Photos Fixer: An App to Organize Your Photo Gallery Efficiently

Clicking pictures is fun, but handling duplicates can be one messy task. It can drastically effect your device’s performance, as well as it hogs up a lot of unnecessary storage space of your device. There can be various reasons behind the accumulation of duplicate photo files on any device which may include photo sharing, photo downloading, data backup and so on. All these reasons lead up in stocking up your gallery with unwanted duplicate files.

To save yourself from this fuss, Systweak Software offers you one handy solution, an app named “Duplicate Photo Fixer” to remove all duplicate files from your device effortlessly.

Let’s get an overview of some of its unique features.

duplicate-photos-fixer-unique-featuresSelect Scan Type:

As soon as you launch the app you’ll be prompted to select the scan type to find duplicate photos on your device. There are various options which can be chosen like whether you want to select camera images, a specific folder or run a full scan of device.


The app will display all the results in the group in an auto-mark format where last file/ files (marked) of the group set to be deleted. You can even select “Unmark All” option to delete the files manually.


You can tap on the files to see the preview of the file(s) before deleting it. This way you can take the better decision to manage your files.

duplicate-photos-fixer-preview-photos-before-deletionUnmark All:

The “Unmark all” option can be picked to manually get rid of duplicate photos.

duplicate-photos-fixer-unmark-all-for-deletionClear Cache:

This option can be used to clear cache history of the app. This way the app will initiate a fresh scan to find duplicate data.


Just as the name says, “Rescan” option will initiate the scanning process from beginning. You will be redirected to the home page where you can pick your choice again whether to full scan or select camera images etc.

Social Connect:

Love the app? If yes, then don’t hesitate to share your feedback with your friends. The app comes with an inbuilt feature which will directly connect you to your social media accounts.


The app offers multiple language support to help its users around the world. You can choose your preferred language choice to run the app.

A Final Thought!
Duplicate Photo Fixer is an amazing app to de-clutter and organize your photo album easily. You can instantly improve your device’s performance by recovering chunks of storage space in a few clicks. Another added advantage that comes along with the app, is that it is available for all platforms—Windows, iOS as well as Android. This app offers most advanced features making it a best duplicate photo finder tool.

So if you love this app then you can refer it to your friends as well. This is the best opt-in its category. Strongly Recommended!


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