Duplicate Files Fixer: An App to Remove Duplicate Files & Manage Data

Duplicate Files Fixer: An App to Remove Duplicate Files & Manage Data

Most certainly you must be having huge number of files on your smartphone. Several of these files are important to you and many just cling as a clutter. Amongst these redundant ones, are duplicate files. These are the files with exact match content, name, size and other specification. Having two files with exact match specifications piles up data on your phone and hog space on its memory. However, removing these absolute unwanted data becomes a dreary task, when done manually. Perhaps, you should rely on an app like Duplicate Files Fixer for the same. It helps you get rid of duplicate content within fraction of time.

Duplicate Files Fixer: A handy app to get rid of duplicate files

duplicate-files-fixer-a-handy-app-to-get-rid-of-duplicate-filesDuplicate Files Fixer is an intuitive app, which scans you phone for duplicate files, detect, auto-mark and delete them in no time. It is a well-equipped app with various handy features. You can manage and organize your phone data quickly and safely with this app.

A rundown of Duplicate Files Fixer

a-rundown-of-duplicate-files-fixerUpon launching the app, you’ll be welcomed with its striking interface and various options to scan your phone. These options include scanning for Audio, Video, Pictures, Documents and Full Scan. You can tap on any of these, based on the area that you wish to scan. Once you have scanned your device, you’ll be directed to results page. Duplicate files detected on your phone will be placed in groups, from where you can mark any of them and delete all marked files at once.

Exclusive Features of Duplicate Files Fixer

Several of Duplicate Files Fixer’s features make this app a preferred one. Here you go.

– Auto-mark:

backup-exclusive-features-of-duplicate-files-fixerOnce your duplicate files are detected, they are placed in groups. Users are required to select files from there, for deletion. However, that isn’t done manually but via Auto-mark options. There are 4 option for the same, namely ‘Mark All except First’, ‘Mark All except Last’, ‘Unmark Shortest File Location’ and ‘Unmark All’. Tap on any of these options and select replica files in a tap.

– Themes:


The app is designed with two themes- Classic and Material. When using Full Scan with Material theme, you’ll get categorized results. In addition, the theme is also designed with animation, which helps enhance its interface.

– Settings:

settings-exclusive-features-of-duplicate-files-fixerThe Settings of the app has several options to customize your scanning with the app. You can select or unselect scanning for files with same name, content, size, 0-byte and files in hidden folders. You can also put any file or folder in Ignore List so as to barre it from scanning.

– Multi-lingual:

multi-lingual-exclusive-features-of-duplicate-files-fixerThis duplicate files remover app supports many languages including English, Chinese, Russian, French and many more. This makes the accessible for people from all around. You can select any language and run the app in the same language.

– Backup:

auto-mark-exclusive-features-of-duplicate-files-fixerBefore you proceed to delete any file, you can take backup of it. The app features a button- ‘Backup Now’ on results page. Upon tapping on it, you are directed to download Right Backup app. Right Backup lets you backup your files on cloud storage.

Duplicate Files Fixer is an easy-to-use and nifty duplicate files remover app. Its available for free on Google Play Store and is rated with 4.3 stars. Using Duplicate Files Fixer allows you to organize and manage and clean up storage space on your phone. So, get app now and recover chunks of memory!

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