How Can You Be More Customer-Centric With Android App Development?

How Can You Be More Customer-Centric With Android App Development?

Enterprises are now more customer-centric more than ever. They have now more focus on success-based customer relationships and for that, they are now introducing new business methodologies so cater to the people efficiently. Customer oriented business process has taken center stage as customers are a reliable source of revenue for organizations, therefore, organizations are now investing in mobile app development services to take their business to a whole lot new level.

The mobile industry is growing at a faster pace and is the blooming with new technologies and is advancing at an enormous rate. This has opened up new opportunities for mobile marketing. The increase in mobile phones has resulted in the mobile applications, especially Android App Development services. Although, there are other mobile operating systems but Android has left all of them far behind. Reason being it is the most widely used operating system. As of June 2016, there are 2.2 million Android apps in the Play Store (the most by any platform).

Through mobile apps, your business is capable of reaching new heights and expanding new horizons. Whether it is inbound or outbound the way your business communicates with customers is the center stone for tapping into new revenue.

Is Android app the need of the hour?

Your profit increases exponentially if your business approaches customer interactions not just for buying company’s products or services but also providing after service support. To always have a win-win situation you should incorporate customer-centric mobile applications for actively engaging customers and make them participate more and more throughout the journey.

Having inclined towards the customer is a critical factor for most app development. In the digital age, customer engagement determines the success and popularity of your app. It also determines the social aspects of your business plus the longevity. Customers find it easy to communicate with you through these channels and based on their perspective and experience, it drives your success rate creating a good positive impression on customer’s mind. But having a mobile app is will not suffice your success as businesses think in terms of financial impact and if the Android app doesn’t meet the user’s expectation and the criteria, then it is a dud.

There are endless possibilities of how you can build an Android app but also there are endless possibilities how you can make the app more customer-centric. Therefore, here are some useful tips that can make Android app development more efficient and proficient.
To ensure that your customers are always engaged and delighted, your app should perform exactly the way you and customers expected.

1. Offers exclusive for mobile app users:

Mobile app users should have privilege, isn’t it? Provide offers exclusively for mobile app users like free items, discounts, goodies, or include them in your priority list whenever there is any new upcoming product or service. As this way, not only the app users would be interested in your services but those people who are not the app user are provoked to using your app.

2. Social media strategy:

As soon as you develop your Android app, you should have the effective social media strategy in your mind. This is beneficial as the moment your app is in the market you can instantly start promoting your business creating more awareness and connecting with the people immediately and in a much better manner. Also, it proves to be a powerful communication tool for both: you and users. This way you can notify users of recent updates or any new service. Through social media strategy, you maintain a transparency between the users and the customer and you speed up the process too. It is necessary to drive in fruitful results and keep your users engaged.

3. Quick response to customer’s changing behavior:

Changes should be welcomed with open arms especially when it concerns customers. Though your mobile app should be flexible but with the change in factors like requirements, user feedback, scope, design etc. you should review all these factors. You should get adapt to these changes and anticipate them soon so that you can response to these changes in a positive way.

4. Organic Marketing:

Rankings are important for your app as there are already hundreds of thousands of applications on the Google Play Store. Therefore, you should also get familiar with organic rankings so that your app is always at the top. As the Google Play Store is based on app usage rate, hence, you should consider Android app development for developing apps which will have a higher usage rate. For that, your Android application must be loaded with key features so as to have the optimum result. So your focus should be on developing apps with rich dividends rather than going overboard with pre-defined ones. With organic marketing, you can keep the users interested and engaged and give them reasons for coming back as higher the usage rate will be the more attention your app will get increasing the rank of the application.

5. Develop apps for different platforms using different languages:

There are endless mobile devices in use by customers and it is important to develop applications that are cross-platform and able to access your app on any device. Also, you should develop apps in different languages to ensure that your app can reach as many customers as possible. Your Android app should be:
– Hybrid mobile apps
– responsive web apps
– interactive interfaces
– rich internet apps

6. Take advantage of media:

Using other digital channels is another way of keeping customers to come back again and again. You can use push notification for notifying customers about any new product or service or update as it is an effective way of reaching out a maximum number of users. You give customers information upfront and they will give you their attention. You can use email reminders or text messages for informing the audience about the updates. You can use this strategy to get your message out and keep people interested and keep adding value.

7. Create a simple and easy onboarding process for new users:

People like to have a faster login and account creation time as most of the apps require creating an account for the first time users or to log in for existing users, therefore, optimize the process so that users can easily use the app without any clutter. You can experiment with different login options like integrating with social media platforms, email reminders in order to make the process simpler and faster and seamless as possible.

8. Make it fun for users to use your app:

If your app is simple in use plus people to find it engaging and it is fun for them, then they’ll come back looking for it. Make it fun by including games, videos, contests etc. You can have some exciting apps like picture editing app, changing the background etc.

It is important to have a competitive strategy for having an upper edge over others and with Android applications you can have that advantage. This will give you a clear idea as for how you can ameliorate your business process. Also, through Android apps, you can have durable market perspective.

Author Bio: – Jessica Alba is an ed-tech enthusiast and has been associated with CWS Technology as a writer for more than 5 Years. CWS is the leading Android app development company that also provides Android App Development service and other IT solutions. Jessica has a passion for writing on emerging technologies like application management outsourcing, consulting, system integration etc.

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