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CyanogenMod 11 Custom Rom For Lenovo A6000 Plus

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CyanogenMod 11 Custom Rom For Lenovo A6000 Plus
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CM 11 Custom Rom For Lenovo A6000 Plus

CyanogenMod is one of the favorite custom ROM amongst Android Phone users, We have listed below CM 11 based on KitKat 4.4.4 for Lenovo A6000 Plus

This Version Of CyanogenMod 11 is based on KitKat 4.4.4, statistics shows that KitKat users are around 39.2% while Lollipop users are merely 12.4%. In reference to the numbers, we can conclude that KitKat is not an ‘Old School’ version yet.

The CM11 is one of the most stable version available for Lenovo A6000 Plus. CyanogenMod has been one of most secured and reliable OS so far. Below is the list of Bug found and fixed in this current version of CyangenMod 11 for Lenovo A6000 Plus.

Screen Shot:


CM11 : Download Link

CM11 Update: Download Link

Google Apps: Download Link

Download xposed-framework from Here /xinternalsd from Here

Installation Instruction: [Please Read Carefully]

Basic step is to Root Lenovo A6000 Plus

1-put , , in External SD card root directory.

2 Install custom recovery- cwm or twrp

3-In the custom recovery, back up every thing first

4- Then, wipe data ,dalvic cache and cache

5-install []

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6-Install []

7-Install []

8-Reboot ,first boot takes awhile so be Patient

9-choose your Sim subscriber , WiFi network, and Google account when it prompt.

10-[optional] allow root privilege to greenfiy when it prompt

11-[optional] install xposed-framework activate it reboot ,install xinternalsd activate it reboot

12-[optional] after you install your apps and games configure greenfiy and xinternalsd

13-[optional] apply lollipop theme

(As per Bugs Report:

1-fixing g-sensor lag 1 sec (helping play all kind of games depending on g-sensor) [Fixed]
2-fixing FM radio bug [Fixed] if it crash at first time Reboot your phone and try it again
3-fixing connecting WiFi protected network [Fixed]
4-fixing battery drain and heating issue [Fixed]
5-fixing slow performance [Fixed]
6-fixing slow scrolling [Fixed]
7-fixing green and blue video playback [Fixed]
8-fixing screen-cast [Fixed]
9-fixing external SD permission [Failed] Alt-way NextApp-SDFix included
10-fixing WiFi hotspot crash [Failed] If you depending on that there is no fix right now
11-adding move app to SD (helping save space to install big games) [Failed] Alt-way Download Xposed framework and xinternalsd model

Update1: Released at 29-7-2015
1-update Google Core and Apps Link to CM release
Update2: Released at 1-8-2015
1-Fixing heavy Battery Drain After Upgrade Google Play Services [Fixed] Replaced Withe
3-after every reboot your phone will be slow first 2 minutes
Update3: Released at 15-8-2015
1-Increase Performance
2-SDFix,Greenfiy moved to user app
3-ads blocking updated
4-Camera Ext-Storage Bug :manually you can fix it by reverse to Internal storage and again set it to Ext-Storage
Update4: Released at 20-8-2015
1-more Performance and stability
2-Increase network speed
3-Fixing memory lag
**you can safely install the update at your current ED300-CM11 from recovery no need to reinstall the ROM**

Apps included: NextApp-SDFix, Grrenfiy, Lolipup Theme,Ads Blocking

XDAdevloper community, Slaid480 , bbs lenovo , , MightylenovoA6000/plus, CrDroid

Disclaimer: If you are no aware of Rooting, Recovery and Custom ROM please do not attempt this process. There are possibility you will brick your Lenovo A6000 plus. Droidsavvy held no responsibility if you brick your device.

Please feel free to use the comment box below, in case you have any query or need any assistance.

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  • If i already have pre installed lolipop stock rom,can i flash this rom with the difference to wipe and system?I am waiting for a reply..