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Control your Smart phone addiction – Dominate the technology and not the other way

Control smart phone addiction
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Control your Smart phone addiction – Dominate the technology and not the other way
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Don’t be a slave of your Smart Phone – Control your Smart Phone addiction

Admit it, We all are highly addicted by technology and not only smartphones. The games, apps, internet, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and many other factors just don’t let us leave our device even for a minute. When it comes to real life, we often forget that humans existed long before smartphones were invented, and they were really happy.

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In most of the cases, avoiding use of Smartphone is not possible, simply because our daily lifestyle is now dependent on them. But there are instances when there is no use of smartphone but we still stick to it out of our addiction. In case you too are a victim of smartphone addiction, we have an app for that too.

How to control Smart Phone addiction:

QualityTime – My Digital Diet is an app available for free on Play Store. The app basically keeps a detailed track of your activities on your smartphone. Which app you use, for how much time you use it, and how many times you use it everyday. You can monitor your Smartphone usage and take necessary steps to decrease it.

The app isn’t strict enough to block your usage completly, though you can set alerts for apps you wish to control your usage. These alerts works like an ‘Emotional Blackmail’, of course, you have the right to dismiss the alerts, but then, it all depends on your will power.

The app size is approx. 5MB and it is completely free. There are lot many other features apart from the one we discussed above. Give it a try by downloading and try to spend more time in real-life.

Free Download from Play Store

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