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How to Connect Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot to Your 4G Mobile

How to Connect Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot to Your 4G Mobile
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How to Connect Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot to Your 4G Mobile
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The need for the Internet connectivity is constantly increasing with each passing day. This is because a lot of your daily tasks depend on it. For example, registering with a University, ordering household essentials, paying your bills, or even watching movies; all these tasks will require you to have a stable connection to the Internet. Almost all the major telecom players such as Airtel, Vodafone, Jio, Idea Cellular and others are now offering 4G services. However, at times when you intend to travel, you may not be able to enjoy the Internet connection. In such cases, portable hotspot devices are useful.

These compact devices are especially beneficial since they allow you to connect multiple smartphones or other such devices to the Internet. Portable hotspot devices are capable of offering an Internet connection to approximately ten devices. If you have a 4G mobile and wish to enjoy the benefits of a portable hotspot device, then make sure that your hotspot device is 4G-compatible. Such a device can be used with a 4G data SIM card. It can then tap into a specific carrier’s 4G network and create a hotspot through which your smartphone will receive access to the Internet. 4G is considered to be ten times faster than 3G, which is why the cellular technology is chosen my many.

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Steps by Step Guide on How to Use & Connect Your Phone to a Wi-Fi Hotspot Devices

1. Activate the SIM card
First, you need to ensure that the data SIM card to be used is activated. Without this, your hotspot device will not be able to operate. Once this step is complete, open up the rear cover of your hotspot device, remove the battery and insert the SIM card. You can also insert the MicroSD card into its slot if your portable device has this option.

2. Note the SSID and password
Remember that before fitting in the battery and rear cover onto your smartphone, you will have to make a note of the password and the SSID. These will be mentioned near the hotspot device’s SIM tray. The password and SSID prove to be useful when you have to connect your 4G smartphone to the device. After this step, you can carefully put back your battery and fix the back cover.

3. Charge the device
Ensure the portable Wi-Fi hotspot device is sufficiently charged before switching it on. To operate smoothly, it will require at least 50 % of battery. After this, you can press the device’s power button till the lights are displayed and the icons appear on the screen.

4. Connect your phone
Once your device is powered, go to the settings option on your smartphone. Click on Wireless and networks and thereafter on Wi-Fi settings. Put on your phone’s Wi-Fi. You can then click on the option that allows you to add a Wi-Fi network. Enter the SSID and password, which you had noted down earlier. After this, your phone will instantly connect to the hotspot device.

For added security, ensure that you change the password and SSID later on. Now, you can easily browse the Internet, play online games, stream movies, and do much more on your 4G mobile even while traveling. Besides, contrary to popular belief, hotspot devices are not very expensive. In fact, they are available across a varied price range, thereby allowing you to make a flexible choice.

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