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Combine All Your Email Accounts Into Single Gmail Inbox

How to Merge All Your Email Accounts Into Single Gmail Inbox
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Combine All Your Email Accounts Into Single Gmail Inbox
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Get the step by step guide on how to How to consolidate all your email addresses into one single primary Gmail account. This easy three step will help you to complete the process of the convert of multiple email addresses into one Gmail Inbox.

Step #1: Email forwarding
Step #2: Gmail’s Mail Fetcher
Step #3: Send As Option

How to Merge All Your Emails and Inboxes Into one Accounts

Email Forwarding

You can utilize Gmail’s Mail Fetcher to bring mail over the standard POP3 convention (see the following area.)

Every email framework has an alternate method for setting up sending. On the off chance that your other email record is additionally a Gmail account, go into Gmail’s settings, click over to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and snap Add a Forwarding Address. You’ll be invited to enter your principal email address. When you have, you’ll get an affirmation join at your fundamental email address. Click it to affirm that you possess your principal account.

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Mail Fetcher

No sending highlight? Forget about it, the length of your email account bolsters the standard POP3 convention. Simply go into the Accounts and Import segment in Gmail’s settings and snap the “Include a POP3 mail account you possess” join. You’ll need to give the mail record’s POP settings. You can get this data from the other email administration.

Send As Option

Getting every one of your messages into one inbox is just a large portion of the fight. When you have, go into the Settings screen on your primary email address, tap the Accounts and Import tab and utilize the “Include Another Email Address You Own” connection.

On the off chance that you include a Gmail address, you’ll should simply tap the Send Verification catch. You’ll get an email with a connection you’ll have to click — it ought to show up in your primary inbox now that you’ve set up sending.

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