cnet : New Google Nexus Smartphones to Arrive on September 29

cnet : New Google Nexus Smartphones to Arrive on September 29
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September 29 will be a day for Nexus lovers. Google is planning to launch new Nexus phones in association with LG & Huawei at an event in San Fransico. LG will have the smaller display (5.2″) compared to Huawei (5.7″). The Nexus series will be having latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Merry Christmas ! as our wishes are coming true: The new Nexus series along with latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

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Huawei has already received a good round of applause in Asian market, with the launch of Nexus, Huawei will be acknowledged in western markets as well. On the other hand, LG will be associating for the 3rd time with Google for Nexus series, enough experience of Nexus 4 and 5 will be and additional benefit for LG.\

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Price is not clear yet but looking at the tradition Google follows, we can expect competitive price for the new Nexus series. In 2015, we have witnessed a new trend of cheap, but better quality and technology in Android smartphones. Google, being a giant in this industry will definitely won’t ignore this factor. Apple is launching the new iPhone series on 9th September 2015, so it’s going to be a great month for smartphone lovers.

Cnet is one of the reliable source on which we can count on. Though Google has not officially confirmed the launch of new Nexus series.

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