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Your Phone has been hacked! What’s your next step ?

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Your Phone has been hacked! What’s your next step ?
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How to check if your phone is hacked? What can you do about it?

Every software can be hacked, regardless of Z-Plus security features. In the present time, our smartphones are always connected to the internet – either via WI-Fi or Cellular Data. So, how to check if your phone is hacked? And what you can do to avoid it. That’s the theme of today’s article.

Wonderhowto has already given a detailed article on how to hack Android remotely using Kali. Today we will point out basic symptoms and remedies you can have if your Android is hacked. Before proceeding further, you must know how you could possibly be hacked.

The basic possibility is that someone with malicious intention could have got their hands on your device and installed a spyware or a keylogger. Another possibility is that you might have clicked some unreliable link that could download a malware on your Android.

Apart from that, one of the common mistakes most of the users make is to download and install an APK from external sources. Not all sources are reliable, there are certain app stores (Not Google’s) that do not scan APKs before releasing it to public. Now that you have got a basic idea on things to consider, we can move ahead to check if your Android is hacked or not.


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Symptoms of hacked Android phone:

  • First and foremost symptom is to see suspicious advertisements on your mobile. It is pretty common to see ads in an app or in a website, but if your phone is completely idle and you notice advertisement, then is certainly fishy.
  • Tremendous data consumption is another symptom of being hacked. You might be feeling that your carrier is cheating on you by deducting your MB’s, but unfortunately, it’s not your carrier. Hack tools generally keep their connection ‘always on’ with the hacker and this consumes lots and lots of data.
  • Just like data consumption, this malware keep draining your battery as well. So if all of a sudden you battery starts performing abnormally, it is a sign of malware on your smartphone.
  • There isn’t much of a chance for this, but if you have been attacked with a severe virus, your screen might flicker sometimes and again behaves as normal. As said earlier, there is least possibility to encounter this.


What to do to recover from this hacking stuff:

  • Very fist thing you should be doing is to download a reliable Anti-virus. I would bet my money on Avast or McAfee. Scan your entire phone along with SD card to check for any potential threat.
  • Check if you manufacturer has released any update. If yes, download it straight away and install. These updates are generally security patches that might detect malware.
  • Head to settings and check for the apps that you haven’t installed. If you find something suspicious, uninstall it.
  • Check app wise data consumption from settings. Here you will get information on how much data an app is consuming. If you encounter anything that you aren’t aware of and is consuming your data, then search for the app and uninstall it.
  • The last and the final option is to factory reset your phone and your SD card and start from scratch. It is certainly a pain, but it is better to start again than to lose what you already have.

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