BlackBerry with Android Operating System

BlackBerry Android
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BlackBerry with Android Operating System
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BlackBerry just announced that it will be entering smart phone markets with Rival Operating System – Android OS.

BlackBerry once was considered to be a phone for corporate or rather say VIP’s. Recent scenario has changed the entire outlook of smart phone industry. There is nothing left like VIP’s or Corporate when it comes to smart phone users.

The only criteria that users are looking is decent hardware and a software that caters their requirements. Android is simply topping all the requirements at present. Whether is it connectivity, variety of apps, features, or accessibility.

BlackBerry has been going through a tough times; trying to compete with Apple, Samsung and other giants of smart phone industry. Their margins and profitability are struggling constantly, and figures were not at all satisfactory.

To over come this issues, and also getting pace up with user requirements, BlackBerry has officially announced to launch a new phone, that will feature Android Operating System.

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BlackBerry is one of the company that has given prime focus on user Privacy, and to continue the tradition the new handset is names as “Priv”. And expected to launch by end of 2015.

BlackBerry Priv

Image Source: evleaks

‘Old Players’ of mobile industry have been struggling to maintain their profitability after the hailstorm of Android Smart Phones. The reason behind it was they did not adapt their technology according to changing user requirements. One more example is the rumor floating around, that even Nokia will be hitting the markets with Android Operating System.

These is what BlackBerry official had to say, β€œWe are focused on making faster progress to achieve profitability in our handset business,” Chen said. The company also announced plans earlier this month to acquire rival Good Technology for $425 million. β€œFrom these initiatives, we anticipate modest sequential revenue growth in each of the remaining quarters of fiscal 2016.”

It is clearly evident that the aim behind launching BlackBerry Priv with Android is to meet the sales and margin revenue. All we can do right now, is to wait for the official announcement on features, hardware and pricing. As these are the factors that will decide the future sales of the new BlackBerry Priv.

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