What’s next after BlackBerry Priv? BlackBerry Vienna is reportedly the new upcoming Android Model

Rumors: BlackBerry to come up with another Android Smart Phone called BlackBerry Vienna

BlackBerry has already made the move in Android segment by recently launching their first Android based smartphone; called BlackBerry Priv. It is rightly said, it’s the first step you take that matters, rest of the journey is much easier.

Same can be implied to BlackBerry; there isn’t any official announcement from the company, but there are some leaked info’s floating around in market about another BlackBerry Flagship device with Android OS and it might be carrying a name Vienna.

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blackberry vienna

Again, these are the leaked info’s and not much reliable. The actual product might be different or might not be in existence at all. But when we talk about BlackBerry, we cannot forget the physical keyboard. It’s like a company’s trademark. The new might be BlackBerry Vienna is supposed to feature retro looks of old-school mobiles.

The new might be BlackBerry Vienna has a physical keyboard like Priv, but not a slider this time. Size of keyboard from images seems to be same as Priv, but it is not right to judge anything from leaked or rumored images. Entire picture can only be judged after company official announces something on their upcoming Android phone.

After all this, one thing can be sure, that BlackBerry is getting aggressive to prove ‘Who’s you daddy?’ in Android smartphone industry.

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