Best Video Editing Tools for Windows & Mac

Best Video Editing Tools for Windows & Mac: Video Editing Software Apps

It is so much fun to shoot a video. But for many it is even more fun to edit and enhance the videos and make them look even more amazing. Video editing was not an easy thing a decade ago. It could only be done by those who had the expertise and knowledge and access to the special tools. But today the things have changed dramatically.

You now have free and paid apps that can be downloaded on the computer or smartphone and allow you to easily edit and enhance your videos. Whether you are a professional or just an enthusiast you can make good use of the video editing apps. In fact, you can even use these apps to make short videos or movies. Here are the top video editing apps of today.


When we are talking about video editing apps there is no way we can forget to mention iMovie. In fact, many people consider it to be the best video editing app ever to be developed. It has some really cool features and video enhancement options that make it the preferred choice of the users. This app offers a very simple interface and user friendly navigation. The layout of the app is incredibly agreeable. This is why even the laypeople can use it very easily. It comes with tons of filters and other video enhancing options. iMovie is the product of Apple Inc. and is only available for the Mac and iOS users.

imovie-video-editing-tools-for-windowsiMovie Editing App for Android


Not everybody owns an iOS or Mac computer. But they may still want to edit videos. Those who cannot use iMac want to use one of the better alternatives. Thankfully, there are alternatives available that are every bit as good as iMovie. Lighworks is definitely one of them. This fabulous app comes packed with a lot of useful features and loads of filters. It makes the basic editing a breeze. Whether you want to cut the video, trim it, or simply add an audio track, you can do it with unbelievable ease. No wonder why it is such a popular app among the video editors.

lightworks-video-editing-tools-for-windows-macLightworks Video Editor for Android

Adobe Premiere Elements 13

Not only Apple, but other companies also make Mac OS exclusive Apps. Adobe is one of them. Adobe has designed Premiere Elements 13, a video editing app that is only for the Mac OS users. This is somewhat an advanced video editing program and even more advanced than iMovie. But it also has basic video editing and thus it can be easily used by those who do not have much knowledge. It has the feature called picture inside picture which is very popular. It also has chroma key. All in all, it is a great video editing tool with some really cool advanced features.

adobe-premiere-elements-13-video-editing-toolsVoilabits Video Editor

If you are someone who is looking for an advanced editor but do not have the Mac computer then you can go for Voilabits. Since Elements 13 by Adobe is only for Mac users, most of the windows users looking for advanced features use Voilabits.

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