List of Most Downloaded Apps of 2016

5 Best Successful Apps in 2016: List of Most Downloaded Apps of 2016

With so many apps being available on the Google Play Store, it’s completely understandable for you to feel a bit rudderless. But don’t fret! We will be guiding you through the big jungle of the Google Play Store so that you download just the best apps.

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We have listed that top 5 Android apps that your smartphone ‘must’ have.

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Some of the apps on the store would be free but you will be required to pay for some. So, why not to install Google Opinion Rewards the first thing before going down the list, as this app would actually add money to your Google Play Account which you can use to purchase other apps.

The only thing you have to do is fill short surveys for Google and each survey won’t take more than 2 minutes of your time.

Download Google Opinion Rewards

2. Avast Antivirus and Security

Ensure that your Android phone is malware free with AV protection. Avast Antivirus and Security is actually one software that you can trust. In fact, it’s PC counterpart was also listed among the best free antiviruses in 2015.

Though will discover that this software has lots of features including remote data recovery and geofencing in its in-app purchase version, it will perform lots of basic functions for free also.
Download Avast Antivirus and Security

3. Greenify

The key is to make sure that your phone’s battery isn’t draining unnecessarily, which is what most of us struggle with. Though most of the smartphones now come up with battery saving mode, it is a must to have greenify installed in phone.

This app would sit in the background and freeze the apps which you would ask it to when they are not in use and then defrost them instantly when you need the access back.

Download Greenify

4. Clean Master

A device that operates slowly is probably one of the most exasperating things that any smartphone user can face. Clean Master is that bucket and mop app that would ensure that your android phone or tablet is clean, thus improving its speed and performance.

The Junk File Cleaning feature in Clean Master scans your device and chunks out any residual files or unwanted cache.

Download Clean Master

5. Tasker

This is the only app on our list which is going to cost you £2.99, but it is absolutely worthy if you can get your head around the features of Tasker. You can actually automate a lot of functions on your smartphone, that you would otherwise be performing manually.

For instance, you can train your phone the music library every time you put your headphone in or respond to a particular stream of texts automatically. If you can just figure out how to feed the instructions to the Tasker, it would automate everything for you.

Download Tasker

Creating a list of the best apps is a rather difficult task as there are different parameters which decide that what makes an app useful, best, or both. Having said that, we would love to hear from you that which apps did you find to be best in 2016.

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