6 Best Free Call Blocking Apps for Android Device 2016

It is not a good experience to get unwanted calls and SMS from an unknown number. In this modern era, we are always busy with our personal and professional tasks. So receiving class and text messages from unwanted sources can kill our valuable time. If you are using an Android device, then you can easily get rid from this problem. Using a call blocking app is the perfect solution to overcome this problem. So in this post, I’m going to share some top and best call blocking apps for Android devices. You can use any of these apps on your Android tablet or mobile phone to block unwanted and telemarketer numbers, so that they can’t make a call or send SMS on your number.

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Let’s have a look below to find your favorite call blocking app for Android phone or tablet.

Best Call Blocking Apps for Android Device

1. Truecaller – Caller ID & Block
The Truecaller is one of my favorite call blocking app that I’m using on my Android phone. I also suggest my friends and family members to use this app to block unwanted calls and SMS. This is a smart call and SMS blocking app that can automatically identify and block unwanted and telemarketer numbers. As more than 200 million uses this app, so the Spam number database is large enough.

Key Features –
– Identify unknown number owners and save or delete the number –
– Block telemarketer or unwanted numbers
– Search for unknown number owners
– Call or send SMS directly from this app
– Easy to copy, paste or delete any number
Download Truecaller

2. Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker
The Calls Blacklist is also one of the most popular call blocking app for the Android platform that is also well-known as SMS blocker app. Using this app, you can easily find and filter telemarketer or private numbers. There is also an advance whitelist option available in this app. When you add any number in the Whitelist, this app will never block any calls or SMS from the number.


Key Features
– User friendly and lightweight Android call blocker app
– Easy to on/off call/SMS block option
– Block unwanted number by prefix
– Create a custom block list
– Free call blocker with no annoying ads
  Download Calls Blacklist

3. Safest Call Blocker
The Safest Call Blocker is the number one call blocker app mentioned by the TechArena. This is a free Android call blocker app that is easy to configure and use. Create your own custom block list from your device contacts list or call logs. You can also create an account and login into this app to see call and SMS history from blocked and unwanted numbers.

safest-call-blockerKey Features 
– Custom block mode to block only numbers from your own black list or telemarketer’s number
– Use # to block numbers by range
– Notification features
– Blocked numbers won’t show on your device call log
Download Safest Blocker

4. Blacklist Plus – Call Blocker
Bored with your device built-in call blocking option? Looking for an app that is functional and filter unwanted & telemarketer calls and SMS automatically? Well, the Blacklist Plus is here that can fulfill your demand for free. You can create both black and white lists to block unwanted numbers or receive calls/SMS only from essential numbers.

backlist-plus---call-blockerKey Features
– Four different calls blocking options
– Two different block methods; reject calls or hang up
– Block calls and SMS from hidden numbers
– User friendly interface
Download Blacklist Plus

5. Mr. Number-Block calls & spam
It is really easy to block any calls/SMS from unwanted, telemarketer or private numbers with the help of Mr. Number call blocker app. Like some other most popular call blocker app, this one also comes with powerful Spam filter option features. This app can identify Spam, Scam, unwanted and private numbers to block annoying calls and SMS.

mr-number-block-call-and-spamKey Features
– Create black lists by area code or specific number range
– Set custom voice or text message to send a reply to blocked numbers
– Block numbers by hang up method
– Automatic call lookup
  Download Mr. Number-Block Calls & Spam

6. Call Blocker Free 
Blacklist A simple and powerful free call blocker app for Android devices to block unwanted calls and SMS. This is not a traditional call blocker that uses high CPC and battery power. Install and configure easily to prevent Spam calls and SMS.

call-blocker-free---blacklistKey Features
– Multiple call and SMS blocking mode
– Create own blacklist and whitelist
– Prevent phone scam
Download Call Blocker Free

Over to You There are hundreds of free and premium call blocker apps available in the Google Play and the other app marketplace. So it is really not easy to find an ideal app that can fulfill your demand. Hope, this list of the best calls blocking apps for Android Devices will help you to find the perfect one.

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