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Best apps that can set your mood anytime

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Best apps that can set your mood anytime
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We all go through mood swings and moments where the only issue is what do we do to make up our mood. It can be anything. The best way is to get hooked to your smartphone. A smartphone alone has so much which is enough to help you set your mood no matter how rough you day would have been . In this article we have shared some of the apps which stand out and will help you get the dopamine flowing.


We all love songs and they are always a great way to uplift the mood. When it comes to commercial music, you can listen to it anytime on youtube or radio. Soundcloud is a hidden gem where you get great music as it is a platform where individual artists contribute heavily. You will get to hear artists from across the globe. You can also personalize your taste as per the genre you listen. The app has lots of exciting features such as you can comment at a particular point in the app and moreover there are over 120 million tracks from emerging talented artists.

There are 3 different versions of the app and you can purchase any of them, they have different features such as no ads and also accessible to stream and save offline. The 3 versions are called Soundcloud Go, Soundcloud Go+, Soundcloud Pulse.


Radon is an app which can help you save both time and resources. It uses sharing mediums such as your phone’s bluetooth, wifi or even ultrasound to easily share any data or web links. Open anything which you wish to share with your friends or family and use the usual share button and click on stream with Radon. Imagine how exciting it will be when you will easily be able to share anything from a digital device in just few seconds. As soon as the Recipient will open the app, he will be notified if any link was streamed across devices.The app makes it super efficient to utilize the resources.

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You will get a notification to open the content which can be a youtube link or a simple website. It is that simple. You can share the content with as many people as you want. Radon is very useful when we wish to share a youtube video or any document almost instantly. It will let you enjoy content together with all your friends.


This one if even more epic. Our phone produces sound and there is an app which aims to make the most out of your phone’s sound producing hardware. Blower is one such app which produces sound of really low frequency that you can take to a nearby candle and see the flame moving away. Now if you are alone, maybe the app will help you get involved in something as crazy as blowing a candle. You may not see the flame moving drastically but it’s a visual delight watching even a slight movement in the flame. All you have to do is to point the speakers of your phone in direction of the flame and get ready to be surprised.

The name comes from the fact that the app actually blows air from your phone. It uses a particular frequency out of your phone which gives as an output some air flow that can help you blow candles or normal low intensity flames. We warn you!, don’t consider it a low cost fire extinguisher. The app is available for free but may or may not work for all the devices. Now if you are alone, maybe the app will help you get involved in something as crazy as blowing a candle.

Terrarium TV:

The terrarium TV app is a free to download app that has a stock of around 50+ 4k movies and loads of HD shows and movies with lots of variety in terms of both language and genre. You can simply hop onto the app and get to see some really amazing video content. There is a different joy in watching movies and TV shows at the time you wish and at the place where you feel the most comfortable. Terrarium TV Android App allows you to watch free movies and TV shows in the best quality possible. Any TV or movie aficionado would love to spend all of his time on this app. Why not? When you have the freedom to choose the place and time all by yourself as to when you wish to watch the match.

There are many apps for the android ecosystem that serve the purpose of watching free movies and TV shows but most of them compromise on quality and the speed of streaming the content. Terrarium on the other hand is an app that streams latest movies and TV shows in 1080pi HD quality with much better speed

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