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5 Best Antivirus Apps for Latest Android Version Smartphones

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5 Best Antivirus Apps for Latest Android Version Smartphones
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In this article, I am going to shed light on the 5 best Antivirus Apps for the latest Android version. They include;

1. Comodo Antivirus Android App:
It is a topnotch app ranking amongst the top leading antivirus apps for your android. It keeps your phone set to ward off viruses, unsafe apps, and other potential settings. Comodo is entrusted with ensuring your mobile privacy, and at the same time, it keeps your android device optimized. Some of the prominent features that make comodo trend include;

  • It has anti-theft features – sometimes, you can misplace your device, or, it can get stolen. Comodo anti-theft feature enables the device to take a picture of the one having it. Also, it prevents intruders from accessing your mobile data. It does this by producing a loud sound and immediately securing your confidential data from getting tampered.
  • Offers data back-up – Comodo helps you to back up important information on your memory card. By this, you will easily retrieve the data if need be. You can also back up your apps.
  • It monitors traffic – It features an advanced firewall that helps track the data in and out of your android device. By this, you can manage your data usage either by restricting unwanted background data usage.
  • Secures your private space – Comodo ensures that your contacts, text messages remain secure from intruders. Hence, you remain the only viable personnel who can access this private space.

2. Avast Android Antivirus:
It is yet another outgoing antivirus app that has earned positive reviews from many clients. Not so long ago, Avast app used to be paid for. However today it is free, featuring a firewall and a remote wipe. Additionally, it is enabled such that;

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  • It is anti-theft
  • Blocks unwanted calls
  • It has inbuilt app lock- here unless you provide the pin, you will not have access to certain apps

It is an outstanding app for your android device. It scans for viruses and new apps upon installation. This way, it detects any defects and warns you against installing the app. Also, it scans the files, and web searches to full keep your smartphone protected. In case you have doubts regarding certain apps, Avast provides insights on whether the app is recommended or not. It wards off malware compromised sites and USSD codes that can wipe clean your android memory.

3. CM Security App:
It contends unimaginably with other antivirus android apps. It detects any potential threats to your SD card. Also, it scans for viruses on new apps and helps you ward off unnecessary calls. It has earned a remarkable reputation due to it’s;

  • App locks – impede unwanted visitors to your device
  • Vault functionality – CM is the best antivirus for gamers. It prevents children from spending your data gaming and on apps
  • Enabled find my phone tool – makes it easier for you to locate your phone once mislaid or stolen. It does this by making it produce a sound, or locks it for privacy purposes.

4. Kaspersky Android Antivirus:
It is highly revered for its;

  • Malware detection capabilities
  • Blocking infected sites and links

Kaspersky can detect potential threats while browsing on the internet and block them. It features some remote controls that help you operate your device once it gets lost. Also, it filters for unwanted calls and messages and blocks them. Kaspersky keeps your data safe from potential mobile threats. It features a 99.9% malware detection rate, which makes it contend positively among the leading apps.

5. McAfee Mobile Security:
McAfee trends desirable features that make it function exceptionally on your smartphone. It incorporates free features such as tracking your lost phone, locking it and remotely wiping it. Once your device gets stolen, it takes a photograph of the bearer. Beside this, McAfee trend for a variety of aspects including;

  • Policies apps to prevent data leakage
  • Anti-theft features
  • Anti-spyware
  • Security locks

It also offers nifty apps to help you do other things with your device. It is swift in detecting security faults which it handles expertly.

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