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Best Android Games
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Best Android Games

Free Clash Of Clan account Give away terms and conditions:

Please follow the steps below, in order to qualify for the draw:
1. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter
2. Share our ‘COC giveaway post on Facebook’ and RT on twitter.
3. One winner will be chosen on 12th November 2015.
4. Name of winner will be declared on FB and Twitter.
We will be selecting winner from the shares and RT only, so do not forget to share, Commenting or Replying to tweet will not count as qualified.
Please Note: This give away is completely free and does not require anything. For images of Clash of Clan account, check out page on Facebook.

A Multiplayer Strategic game that can make you go crazy. For those who are not much familiar with the game, “Age of Empires” is the best possible example.
clash of clans
Clash of clans is a multiplayer online game, that enables a user to interact with other users around the globe. Users
have two options, either to join a clan or make a new one. Game begins with Town Hall, your home or life of the game. You build your army, attack other user’s base and loot the resources in order to move ahead in the game. Gold and Elixirs are two vital resources you will need to move higher. Gold is essential to upgrade defenses like walls, canons, archer towers etc. while Elixir is used to make your army and upgrade your troops like barbarians, archers, goblins etc. As you move ahead Dark Elixir is one more resources, you really need to work on, as this is really hard to loot. Dark Elixir unlocks higher level of troops that are almost indomitable in terms of their health and attacking power. Apart from PVP ( Person Vs Person ) battle there is one amazing feature called Clan Wars, your entire clan can declare war against randomly selected clan. War win bonus is simply awesome compared to what you get by PVP, also the more you win the higher your clan level gets, which unlocks more features for your entire clan. There’s a catch, for Clan wars you need minimum 10 players in the clan. Apart from Winning and loosing this game is really cool to hangout with people around the world, as there are two chat options, Clan chat and Global Chat. In Clan chat all your clan members can plan strategy or just hangout and get to know each other. In global chat, all Clash of clan users chat while their troops are being ready for attack. So in short this game will never let you click ” OK ” when it ask ” Are you sure you want to quit ?”
If we talk about Graphics, they are simply superb, no high end 3D but the graphics are simply eye catching all the time, no matter how long you have been playing, It consumes very less space compared to other high end graphic games because most of the data is stored on their servers. Here one thing is to be considered that you need to link Clash of Clans with your Gmail account in order to keep your progress saved online,else you will loose everything in case your change your cell.  App can easily be moved to SD card letting you have lots of free space on your device memory. As this is completely server sided game there is always a fair play, no hacks no cheats. You reap what you Sow.
1. Completely Free to Download and play.
2. Great UI and Graphics.
3. Regular updates with new features.
4. Good customer support.
5. Never have to worry on data loss, as entire game is saved on servers only if you connect it with your Google Account.
6. Chat rooms and Clan wars.
1. Most of the Clans have adult members, so parents cannot control with whom his kid is talking to.
2. Time consuming when you reach at certain level, as you need hell lot of gold and elixir to upgrade, and also upgrades takes 10,15 or 30 days depends on the level you are playing. This is no doubt one of the Best Android Games.
That’s All Folks ! Enjoy COC ing !!!


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