Best 4 Apps That Help You Get Paid for Using Your Smartphone

Best 4 Apps That Help You Get Paid for Using Your Smartphone

Smartphones cost a large amount of money each month. Every one of you may own a smartphone, but it is an additional expenditure of every month. That’s the reason people often dodge the mobile contracts and go for the option which seems more serviceable and aids them to save a large amount of money monthly. But what happens if your smartphone is not there only to pull the money out your pocket? What if you get money to test apps on your smartphone?

Here is a list of four best apps which happened to be very promising nowadays in this respect.

1. Locket – Accessible for Android only
Have you ever wondered that how many times you use to check your smartphone in each hour or a day? The Locket is the pay which pays you one penny every time you unlock your cell phone. You will think that why is it so, after looking at an advertisement? Each moment you visit your cell phones unlock display screen; you will notice an amazing ad there. They seem so pretty. But it totally depends on you that whether you want to use it or not to make a penny.

2. Gigwalk – Accessible for both Android and iPhone
Gigwalk is one of the best options if you are looking for the way to earn money quickly. It is an innovative app which allows you to look at the businesses which are going to hire the workers for achieving any particular activity. They don’t offer the full-time job, but just give you the assignment to do. If one company pays you $15 for some photos, the other may offer $18 to evaluate their particular services.

An enticing amount of $20 may be given to you for interviewing a renter for renting the houses from the owners. Similarly, an offer of writing down the advertisements of Craigslist ads for $100. All these offers are posted directly on Gigwalk.

3. Shopkick – Accessible for both Android and iPhone
Shopkick allows you to go through the gift cards and other bonuses just for the sake of window shopping. There are certain offers through which you can check out various stores and the stuff which are available at these stores. Shopkick stands out of all the options and offers various recommendations which you can use to make money.

Many companies have taken their part in making money at Shopkick like Macy’s, Target, Best Buy, etc. You get the “kickbucks” when you visit the stores and even the extra amount by scanning the certain brands on your smartphone and buying the stuff from there.

4. Ibotta – Accessible for both Android and Iphone
Ibotta helps you to get the complete know-how about various products, media including the videos or pictures, polls, and the companies which help you to make money other than the methods to get paid to test apps. Visit the store and purchase the products which you have gone through any app earlier.

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