Backup Your Text Messages or SMS from Android Phone to Gmail

Backup Your Text Messages or SMS from Android Phone to Gmail

We are regularly using Gmail account to access daily mails. All checked mails we are keeping for moths and even importants mails not deleting for long time. There are lots of SMS, Quotes & Text messages are alos in gmails and its all are important so that we can not delete them. Sometime what happen after getting N number of mails our phone storage is getting fulled. But here we are coming with the righ solution to take a backup of important SMS & text messages from android smartphone to Gmail by following easy step by step guide.

 How to Backup Your Text Messages (SMS) to Gmail Account from

Step #1. First you need to enable IMAP in your Gmail Acconnt and Start Download/Install of SMS/Text Messages on Your Android Smartphone.

Step #2. Follow the below suggested parth and loing your Gmail account from desktop

Settings → Forwarding and POP/IMAP

Step #3. In this step you will find a multiple options to choose from. So Click on “Enable IMAP”.

how-to-backup-text-messages-sms-from-android-phone-to-gmail-step1Step #4. After doing all this process then You need to download SMS Backup + App.

Download SMS Backup+ App from Google Play Store

how-to-backup-text-messages-sms-from-android-phone-to-gmail-step2Step #5. After installing app, top to click on open button to launch app – Follow below step

Click on “Connect” button.

how-to-backup-text-messages-sms-from-android-phone-to-gmail-step3Step #6. You will get a pop-up, So choose the right Gmail account which you want to take backup.


Step #7. Give the opermission of the backup and start backup immediately OR skip the initial backup.

how-to-backup-text-messages-sms-from-android-phone-to-gmail-step5This the ticks and trips to take a important SMS/Text messages with your Gmail account, But stay connected to get and read more android apps related news.Like and share this info with your friends. –Facebook, Twitter, and Google

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