Advance Call Recorder: Android App for Adavnce Call Recording

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Advance Call Recorder: Android App for Adavnce Call Recording
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Have you ever concerned about recording calls before the call ended? Sometimes when we are having an important conversation; we mostly forgot to record those calls before it terminates. And due to this, we did not remember the talk we had on call. Many of the smartphone users wish to record the phone calls as they might contain important conversations.
There would be many situations where you need evidence that someone did say something to you. These situations always look to require a call recorder. So here is an application “Advanced Call Recorder” from Systweak Software which let you help to record your next call!

Advanced Call Recorder:
Advanced Call Recorder helps you to record outgoing and incoming calls Automatically on your smartphone. Using this app, you can move recorded audio files to a new location/folder as per your convenience. It also offers some useful and smart features for better results. Let’s discuss some of these features.

Highlights of the App
Interactive user-friendly interface.
One-Tap call recording in between calls
Protects your recorded calls from intruders.
Record and save up to 50 calls on free-version.

Download it from here.

How Advanced Call Recorder works?
Once the download and installation process were done you can open the application. Once you will open the application it loads your contacts and call logs from your smartphone.
After this, it will give you the warning pop-up to allow the recording on your device. Once you will click on Accept, you can see the Home Page of the application.
On Home Screen, you can see the four tabs: Contacts, Call Logs, Call Records and Voice Records.
Now, tap on 3-bar menu, here you can see the screen below and we will discuss the options one by one.
  1. Record Voice
Once you will tap Record Voice, a new screen will open which will allow you to record voice.

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   2. Reports
In Reports, you can generate a call record report for a specific duration. The report can be sort by call type, contact number and contact name.
2. Settings
In Settings, there are four options
(1) Call Recording (2) File Security (3) File formats and audio sources (4) Other We will discuss Settings Menu one by one.

Call Recording:
Run in Background: By check mark this option, the app will run in the background.
Record every incoming/outgoing call: As the option implies, once this option will check mark, it will record every call automatically.
Confirm before saving call: Checkmark this option to confirm before saving a call recording.
Ignore list: You can add the contacts whose call you do not wish to record.
Call Block List: It will list the blocked contacts and disconnects calls from these numbers automatically.

File Security:
File Encryption
: You can check mark this option to encrypt recorded audio files.
File Protection: Using this option, you can apply for file protection on recorded audio files.
You can make a Pattern lock or make a Password.

File formats and audio sources:
Output File Format
: You can save recordings in three audio formats (MP3, 3GP, AMR).
Audio Sources: You have various options of audio sources to use a recording like voice call, mic, voice communication, cam recorder, voice uplink and voice downlink.


Languages: You can change the language of the app using this option.
Fonts: Once you will change the font, the app will start in that font.
No. of recorded files: You can see the number of recorded audio files.

This is how Advanced Call Recorder helps to make a highly useful addition to your smartphone. So, do not miss any important calls; get Advanced Call Recorder today.

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