App Review: Social Fever “Re-connect with Real World”

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App Review: Social Fever “Re-connect with Real World”
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Social Fever helps you to connect with real-world by reducing your virtual world activities. This futuristic app is designed to limit your mobile usage so that you can invest that time in more important real-life activities. Using this app, you can set goals to reduce your activities on your smartphone and even track these goals in real-time. It displays a detailed report on daily and weekly basis for better understanding of total time spent on the smartphone. It even sends you alerts when you cross the set time limit of using different apps. This smart and efficient app makes you more productive by reducing your virtual world activities. It offers some useful features for better results. Let’s discuss some of these features in this review.

Highlights of the App

  • Futuristic app with some powerful features.
  • Works on an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Protects your eyes & ears from prolonged usage on smartphone.
  • Offers detailed daily and weekly reports.

How it helps you?
Track Goals: Under Track Goals section, app allows you to set maximum time usage of different apps on your device. Here, you can set time, edit it or delete any app from the tracking module. It is useful to track the goals you have set for yourself to reduce smartphone dependency. It displays individual app usage in minutes to help you keep tab on that app usage. You can tap on “+” button in the lower-right corner of the screen to add any application to the tracking list.

App Usage: Here, it displays compact summary of individual app usage in instant window. By clicking on “More” button, you can view the detailed information of the usage of the app.

History: Under History, it displays total app usage time for last 7 days in graphical format. It is useful to know the average time you spend on different apps on your device.

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Interests: Under Interests field, you can set your interests like bicycle riding, cooking, gyming, listening to music, painting, reading, running and much more. Once you set your interests, app will show you how you can spend your saved time when you remain disconnected with virtual world.

Ear Health: When you use earphones for a long time to listen to your favorite music, it may affect your ear health negatively. To deal with this issue, you can set reminder to get alerts when you exceed the set time limit of usage of any app with earphones. Maximum time limit remains 30 minutes by default.

Eye Health: Staring for a long time to your smartphone screen when you watch your favorite movies on YouTube or Netflix may prevent your eyes and brain to take necessary breaks to get relaxed. To deal with it, you can set reminders to get alerts when you exceed the set time limit of usage of any app. It is helpful to keep your eyes in good health. Default time limit is set at 30 minutes which you can change as per your needs.

Features under App Settings:

Once you turn on the “Show app tracking” feature, app will display a real-time tracker when you use the selected apps. Here, you will find a timer in the top-right corner of the screen when you use the selected app.
The app allows you to set report delivery time of total app usage on daily basis. By default, it remains at 2200 hours.

Under “Show daily report” head, you can find whether you have met your set goal or not. To quantify your app usage, it displays different figures to help you understand whether you were able to achieve your set goals and how much time you have saved or exceeded. Here, you can find tracked app time, total screen time and total phone unlock times. Further, it displays detailed app usage once you click on “View more detail” button in the lower-right corner.

You can click on “Clear History” option to remove old history of app tracking and usage. Here, you can clean today’s tracking history, old tracking history, and clear app data.
Under “Show Interest”, you can modify your set interests.

The verdict of the App: Social Fever is a futuristic app that offers some amazing useful features to help you limit your virtual world activities to spare time for some real-life things. It offers real-time tracker, set reminders, daily & weekly report, app usage history, allows you to set interests, keep tab on your eye & ear health and do much more. Using this app, you can set goals for yourself to limit app usage on your smartphone. It is widely useful to save some precious time for your family & friends and to do some real-world activities. Try & suggest this app to your smartphone-addicted friends & relatives!


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