Android’s new ‘M’an – Marshmallow

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Android’s new ‘M’an – Marshmallow
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Android Latest version 6.0 – Marshmallow

Google has finally unwrapped the guessing game of Android-M, Marshmallow is the new Android-M, Version 6.0. Not all the details are yet available, but we have tried to peek in as much as we can, jump down to see what’s new in Android Marshmallow !

“Whether you like them straight out of the bag, roasted to a golden brown exterior with a molten center, or in fluff form, who doesn’t like marshmallows?” product manager of Android, Jamal Eason raised this question on developer’s blog. And replies, “We definitely like them!” With this, Android announces launch of new operating system, Marshmallows.

It seems Google has a sweet tooth. As a part of Android tradition the yet another version joins the club with ‘Sweetness’ associated with it. The new operating system from Android is Android M, which is so called Marshmallows. These are nothing but sugar candies.

Currently, the new Android M is available only for developers to design or update applications making it compatible with new OS. The version comes with some cool features like finger print scanner and updated power-saving mode known as ‘Doze’.

A highly demanding feature by most of the users: ‘setting permissions’ has been introduced in Android M, thus giving a little more control to their users on applications. Back then, many techie users had to root their cell in order to gain control over applications.

The official release of the new version is expected to hit the market before September 2015 end. Sadly, users will have to wait till their manufacturer provides this new update, which may take another three months.

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Developer Preview three updates have portrayed some interesting features, there are some key changes noticed in the new Android M. Much anticipated feature: Rotation of home screen. Yes, finally you can see your home screen in landscape mode.


Another key feature introduced, keeping geeky users in mind, is RAM manager. It is included in settings options. At present majority of non-techie users are unaware on usage of managing the RAM, though being a key component for performance issues. Now there’s no need to install third party RAM managers for Android M or Marshmallows.


Last, but not the least, If you are tired of watching that typical black background with white fonts, than well, that’s gone. It is replaced vice-versa by soothing looks of menu.


Stay tuned with us for more updates on Android M/Marshmallows as soon as it hits the world of mobile and internet.

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