Android Wear: Now supports iPhone.

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Android Wear: Now supports iPhone.
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All you need to know about Android Wear

Android Wear, dawn of a new era of wrist watches. Traditional wrist watches were either to check time or were just a status symbol. Android Wear has changed this concept right from the roots. 

In this modern era of technology, most of us use the traditional watch just as a part of formal outlook. We hardly use it to check the time, because of smartphone. Does that mean it’s the end of Wrist watch ? I guess not, because in this world of cut throat competition new technology and features are becoming evident day-by-day. Traditional concepts needs to be re-structured to fit the modern requirements and Android Wear is the best example.

Android Wear, sooner going to replace the traditional wrist watch concept. It’s not just a Wrist watch, it is a smart little computer right there on your wrist. Ease of access, compact design and tonnes of application to fit your needs makes it indispensable. Android mobiles currently enjoy top position in terms of market share worldwide. Android Wear, is definitely going to be a tough call for its competitors in this segment. We have analysed every available detail to make it easy for you to get a clear picture on this new cutting edge technology, just have a look below.

Design And Looks

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Express your personality with numbers of different dials and bands to choose from. At a first glance, it’s little confusing whether it’s a Android Wear or a traditional watch. Choose from wide range of options to suit your personality.

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In case you don’t have your phone with you, your Android Wear is still on. You will never miss important info like calls, time and notifications. (Feature is subject to manufacturer, and Wi-Fi option)

Smart Help

Commuting info, Maps and timely reminders let you carry on your daily routine with lesser efforts. Just say “OK Google” and shoot up with any question right from your wrist.

Tonnes of Apps

Developers around the globe work hard to create amazing apps for your Android Wear, you name it and you have it. Whether it is fitness, finance or music, everything is right there on your wrist.


Android Wear, unlike other smart watches is compatible with Android as well as  the Apple iPhone. You’ll need Android version 4.3+ and iOS version 8.2+ in order to sync your watch with Android or Apple iPhone. Visit on your Android phone or iPhone® to see if it is compatible.

So what are you waiting for?, technology is gaining pace every day, don’t be left behind with the “Old School” technology. Grab one of your Android Wear now.

iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

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