Android Volume Control Per App – Let your Volume controller have some rest

volume control per app android
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Android Volume Control Per App – Let your Volume controller have some rest
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Don’t break your smart phone’s Volume Controller – Control Volume Per App

In this era of Smart Phones almost everything is possible. At the same time there are risk of your privacy being compromise, only if you act as an ignorant. Today, we aren’t discussing such serious issues, instead, we are here to reduce your efforts playing around with volume levels.

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Android lets us do almost anything on our smart phones, that includes even hacking. You can install custom ROMs and change your Android version (if you manufacturer hasn’t provided an update). Even then, there are certain limitations that might be removed by Google in future. For now, we have to rely on third-party apps.

One of such limitation is the volume control. If you press the volume control from home screen then it increases or reduces your ringtone and notification volume. The same when done while in an app, affects the media volume. What if you want certain apps to have full volume while for other you want the to be mute. There’s an app for that too.

How to control volume per app in Android

The app is developed by SpyCorp and it is called App Volume Control. There are two version available on Play Store – paid and free. Once you install this app, all you need to do is to set volumes for each app you have on your device. This is one time setup and will effect universally. The difference between paid version and free version is the ads and certain features. The free version caters all the basic requirements of a normal user. Download links are given below, give it a try as it is free and also very small in size.

Google Play Store link

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