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2019 Android Q – Everything You Need to Know with Expected Features

2019 Android Q - Everything You Need to Know with Expected Features
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2019 Android Q – Everything You Need to Know with Expected Features
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Google announced their latest Android 9 platform named ‘Pie’ back in August 2018, and only a very few handsets have received this OS by now. Many of the Android users are still waiting to get the Oreo to be used for over a year. Among all these, talks have already started about the next version Android OS, which already cooking.

As we are used to the naming of Google for Android, we can easily assume that the next version 10 of OS may be Android Q. as per Google sources, the release of Android Q maybe around March of 2019 with a developer preview first and there can be a public beta to be expected by May.

Before August 2018, the previous announcement of a new version OS by Google for Android was back in 2012, which was of Jelly Bean. However, with Android Q, we may not expect such a relent from Google on releasing this version as early as possible.

What name may Google pick for Q?

As Android 9 P is called as Android Pie, now the question everyone has in mind is what the next version of Google will be named as? Based on the conventional approach using dessert names, Google doesn’t have many options to pick from letter Q. The possibilities may be Quiche, Quesadilla, Quinoa, Quesito, Quail, Quenelle, Quaker Oats, Qurabiya, Quinoa Pudding or anything.

While common men may be busy guessing the name of Q correctly, many others are interested in wanting to know whether this OS will get released for existing devices or not. It is too early to discuss that specifically, but typically the premium phones and the mid-rangers, as always, may receive them successfully. For the previous versions also, we have seen the models like OnePlus enabling the major two OS upgrades down the line as Marshmallow to Oreo.

Considering whether or not your device will receive Android Q or not, one can be almost sure of it if you own a smartphone above $700, which comes with Oreo preinstalled. However, at this point, it seems that there may be some greater moves by Google in terms of software updates like as of Treble, with which more mid-range phones too may get updates instantly.

Things expected from Android Q

The latest Android Pie can be considered as a significant overhaul of the Android operating system, especially in terms of the UI. The highlights are the addition of gesture controls and new-generation features, which are further expected to get better with Android Q.

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Because Android Pie featured many major changes when compared to the previous Android Oreo and its previous versions. So, the impression some people in the technology fraternity have is that the next that Android Q may not be accompanied with another major overhead. Instead, they think that the next one may be more of an incremental upgrade, which may be to take over the changes in Pie further. However, this doesn’t mean that Q is going to be short of any nifty and worthy features, which Google never did.

Rumors on features of Android Q

As we don’t have any official confirmation yet, let’s further discussion about the possible changes to be expected out of the rumors around. The providers may have to think of how to write a rfp for their Android devices. As we discussed in the beginning, we don’t have to expect the release of Android Q until the end of the first quarter next year. That itself is quite long in the technology world, which otherwise means that there is a lot of time for the speculators to comment on what is coming in the update.

To make things straight, we have tried here to create a custom table of thing expected in Android Q. However, there is no guarantee that all of these will materialize this way once the product is finally here. Here are the major rumored features.

#1 Assisted dialing

This feature helps to add data like country code and dialed number automatically to the device. This is such a handy feature for international travelers or marketers etc.

#2 Emoji 12.0

Based on Unicode 12.0, it can add most accurate emojis for a deaf person too, sequences for lovers holding a hand, and about emojis for about 55 different gender combinations and skin tone. We may expect some new emoji characters also for the axe, skunk, yawning face, sloth, kite, diving mask, onion, parachute, briefs and what not.

#3 Better desktop experience

This can be best used by tablet users who tend to use their device as PC too by combining it with other accessories with desktop UI (like in Samsung DeX).

#4 Multi-monitor display support

The ability of devices to get connected with multiple external monitors also may be a need of future. This may be made more technically possible with Android Q. Samsung already has this feature on Galaxy Note 9 and Tab S4 etc.

#5 Google Drive backups manually

Expected that Android Q will fulfill the long-existing request for manual back up of data in Google Drive without Wi-Fi on when on the battery power.

#6 UI rendering with Vulkan API

There may be various ways to implement this technology along with A, in which the result may be better battery life, and also animations can be rendered smoothly. It will also help smoothen the menu transitions.

#7 User warning

Android Q also may warn the users who run apps which target OS like Android Lollipop or before. Whenever the users try to install an app which is meant or the older versions, this alert can save a lot of time and effort for the users.

#8 Prevent the ringtones of incoming calls playing over the held call

This is somewhat annoying to many of the Android users now. When you tend to put a call on hold which is in progress, even before you get the phone off your ear, the ringtone of the next call may blast your eardrum if the volume is high. Android Q may find smart ways to prevent this trouble when all is put on hold.

These guesses may, however, be outweighed by the innovative features of Android Q as when it comes to technology and gadget industry, things change every hour, and we have to wait till March to see Android Q based on what the world’s shape will be at that time.

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