Android Marshmallow 6.1 with Split-Screen support, rumored to release June 2016

Android Marshmallow 6.1
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Android Marshmallow 6.1 with Split-Screen support, rumored to release June 2016
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Split-screen support might come with Android Marshmallow 6.1

Good news for Android users, especially the Nexus owners, as they are always the first to have the sweet taste of Android update. There are rumors from ‘reliable’ sources about some much awaited features coming in the next update. It is none other then split-screen, which should have been there from beginning.

According to the rumors, an update of Android Marshmallow 6.1 is expected to release in June 2016 and it will be carrying some welcoming enhancements. First and foremost would be the split-screen support and the next one will be tighten app permission option.

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Apple and Microsoft already has the split-screen feature on their tablets. The strange thing is that Google didn’t make any serious move in this reference. It seems Google has started taking Tablet market a little more seriously after it released the Pixcel C tablet with solid hardware capabilities. A big screen tablet is next to useless, if you can’t multitask on it; Google has got this point right and might equip Split-screen in its next update.

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Apart from these two upgrades, rest of the Marshmallow UI will be intact with no major changes. Looking at recent rumors about the features of Android N 7.0, it was said that the split-screen would not be released within Marshmallow. Out of this contradiction, one thing is for sure, and that is, the split-screen feature would definitely be coming next year.

What do you think, which Android will get Split-screen facility? Android N or Marshmallow. Share with us by commenting below, or on our social media pages.

Source: 9to5Google

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