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Android Hidden Trick to enable System UI tuner in Marshmallow

Android Marshmallow 6.1
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Android Hidden Trick to enable System UI tuner in Marshmallow
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System UI tune is a hidden menu in Marshmallow : Android Hidden Trick

We have already published an article on Android hidden trick in Marshmallow that revealed file explorer. In this article we will guide on one more hidden feature of Marshmallow – System UI tuner. The System UI tuner works regardless of your Marshmallow ROM; I.E. it will work even if you are using a Custom ROM based on Marshmallow.

Once you have unlocked it, there are different System UI options to configure. Check the guide and the video below to make it easy to understand.

Enable hidden System UI tuner in Marshmallow: Android Hidden Trick

Step #1: Very first thing you will need to do is to become a developer! Not literally, just in your Android Marshmallow. To do that, head in to settings and scroll to bottom of the list.

Step #2: Now tap on About Phone.

how to developer firstStep #3: Locate Build Number and tap on it for 7 times to unlock developers menu.

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how to developerStep #4: Once you have done that, you will see a floating message on your screen saying, You are now a Developer!

Step #5: Return back to settings and you will see a new option ‘Developer options’

developer option enabledStep #6: No pull down the full notification panel by swiping down TWICE from the top of your screen.

Step #7: Now TAP and HOLD the Settings icon for around 15 seconds.

system ui notification panelStep #8: As soon as you take off your finger, once again you’ll see a floating message saying that System UI has been added to settings.

That’s it; you have got the System UI unlocked on your Marshmallow. To know what all things you can do inside System UI, check the video given below. Don’t forget to share if you find this hidden trick fascinating.


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