Top 5 Android Apps And Games of 2017 Gone Free Today

Top 5 Android Apps And Games of 2017 Gone Free Today – That You Must Try

Just like every new year, This year you are also find some amazing new apps and apps for your android devices. Many of the developers have already launched their 2017 series of their apps and games, and many others are coming soon. Below we are going to discuss the best 2017 apps and games with a brief overview on their requirements and play store rating.

1. Football Manager Mobile 2017.

In 2017, something you will always want is this football simulation game Football Manager Mobile 2017 which brings the opportunity for you to become a football manager. In this game, you are able to choose your favorite club, manage them like a real manager does in football world and lead them to glory of victory. Some of the best features of this app include artificial intelligence, easy to use interface, all major football leagues, and online gaming experience.

Requirements: Android Version 4.0 with a minimum internal storage of 200 MBs
Rating: 4.0

1_football_manager_mobile_2017_android_apps_gamesDOWNLOAD IT FROM PLAY STORE

2. Football Manager Touch 2017.

This is a complete version for the androids from Football Manager 2017 pc version of the game. Everything that you are able to do in the pc version can be done. Once again, the objective of this game is no different from the other games in football manager franchise. However, new teams and leagues have been added such as Polish and Turkish leagues which brings the opportunity to manage smaller clubs and this is going to put your management skills to a real test.

Requirements: Android version 4.4 or up with minimum free storage of 300 MBs
Rating: 4 stars

2_football_manager_touch_2017_android_apps_gamesDOWNLOAD IT FROM PLAY STORE

3. Nova Launcher.

Launchers are apps which make it possible for you to enhance and change the look of your phone. You can now deal with menus, do widget and theme customization, and a lot of other stuff. The best launcher app for 2017 is going to be Nova launcher since the developers don’t seem to stop while providing us with amazing features such as hide and seeking of apps, icons swipes, more effects in scrolling, make custom drawer groups, gestures, themes customization, children mode, and easy to use interface which are almost everything you want from a good android launcher.

Requirements: varies with device
Rating: 4.8 star

3_nova_launcher_android_apps_gamesDOWNLOAD IT FROM PLAY STORE

4. Tasker.

The management and optimization of your android smartphone is the most important thing and the app which is recommended for this purpose is Tasker. This app lets you have a track of all the apps that are running on your phone at the moment, ram they are using, and you can then start or end the processes. You can also use unnecessary cache and apps in order to enhance the performance of your phone. The advanced task manager allows you to move and transfer files and keep a record of everything that is present on your phone.

Requirements: varies with device
Rating: 4.2 stars

4_tasker_android_apps_gamesDOWNLOAD IT FROM PLAY STORE

5. Cricket Games.

Most android users, especially from the parts of Asia and Australia, will be looking forward to some amazing cricketing games such as Stick Cricket, World Championship 2017, and others. In the previous versions of these games, you could enjoy game modes such as T20 power play, World Cup, IPL, and other such competitions. This year is going to be even more fun with the advanced mobile graphics technologies being used in the game. We are hoping to see some good upgrades from World Championship 2017 and Stick Cricket and now it is just a matter of time.

Requirements: Android version 2.3 or up
Rating: 4.2 star

5_cricket_games_android_apps_gamesDOWNLOAD IT FROM PLAY STORE

So, this was our list of Top 5 Android Apps and Games of 2017 that you must try and please share it with your friends over social media and help them get rid of internet leeches. Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or even here in the remarks..

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