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Android 9 Pie vs Oreo 8: The Top Notable Differences

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Android 9 Pie vs Oreo 8: The Top Notable Differences
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The release of Android’s latest operating version “Android 9 Pie” steered many discussions and created a buzz within the industry. Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, from navigation to interactivity to design, each feature beams with the touch of advancements. The functionality is getting faster, better and improvised with every new release.

Tailored to user demands and preferences, Android has yet again enthralled its users with easy-to-handle and smooth-to-use functionality features. Competing fiercely, Android has proved to be equally competitive with other tech-giant companies like Apple. The new release with its top features makes it worth upgrading.

The Android 9 Pie offers a broad range of features with little tweaks and touches. Let’s check out a comprehensive analysis stating the major difference between Android 9 Pie and Oreo 8. Read on!

Aesthetics- Android Pie Throws a New Look
Much like the previously released version, Android 9 gives a new look to Android but this time it is more appealing. To redefine its aesthetics, it has introduced new colors and circling the “drop-down Quick Setting” button with blue color. A sprinkle of exciting color is noticed. Moreover, the mundane white screen of Android Oreo is now seem to have improvised with a few exciting colors and curves that give a modern, rather dramatic look. By getting Android 9 Pie, you can make your default look cuter, friendlier, and refreshing.

For parents here is the special feature you have been logging to get- the wellness. Android 9 Pie brings a new form of the dashboard that shows the report on smartphone usage. Having a pie graph illustration, it indicates the time spent on social media sites. You can check whether you or your kids have been using the smartphones productively or just wasting the precious hours getting distracted. It’s more like a sanity check. Now you can keep a close check on your kids and evaluate your own activities as well.

Usage Limits
Android cares for you and wants to make the best out of your time. It offers a new feature to set App Timer on your individual apps. You have to reset the time every midnight. Once the alarm hits, the app grey-out. This is the perfect way to assist the social media lovers to limit their screening time. It is the simplest way to curb bad habits.

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The Night Mode Feature
With the range of amazing features, Android 9 steps ahead when it comes to Night mode settings. The Android Oreo version of Night mode feature uses to dim the screen light making it looks more soothing to the eyes. Enjoy an unbothered and uninterrupted use even if the sun goes down. However, in the Android 9 Pie version the Night Light feature just when the nighttime approaches not only the screen shows the grey- scale but then Do Not Disturb mode gets activated automatically.

Brightness Control
Brightness control is a feature that every other smartphone offers but the level of advancement it covers marks the difference. In the Android Oreo, the brightness control feature works on the intensities of the ambient light. It increases and decreases based on the exposure of the light. However, in the latest version of Android, the feature offers advanced Adaptive Brightness Control where your phones operate according to your preferences. It analyzes your needs and adjusts the brightness accordingly.

Adaptive Battery
Android makes your smartphone your one faithful friend that operates and behaves entirely according to your needs.

Over the years, Google tried to solve the battery-drain issues and the earlier Android release only managed to show the battery consumption of individual apps. However, the super intelligent Android 9 Pie tops the wall by introducing a smart way to control your consumption.

The Android App Development has enabled your smartphone to analyze your usage along with identifying your most frequently used apps. It will keep the least use apps free from battery-consumption while the frequently used ones will enjoy the most attention.

Android Q- Taking Advancements to A Next Level
Much to amuse, if you think that this is all Android can offer then you are sorely mistaken. Going ahead of the curves, the tech leaders have identified some upcoming update features. It is expected that Android’s new version Android Q is going to offer a full-fledge system-wide dark theme. Moreover, smartphone users have been anxious about the privacy breaching issues. To resolve the matter, Google has introduced a comprehensive section in the Settings app of the upcoming version.

Through the window, you can view which app is denied or allowed certain permissions. From enhanced accessibility features and tools to an incredible range of developer options there is a lot to enthrall the Android users and professionals. In addition, you will have two added features in the screen lock your phone- the “SmartLock only extends unlock” and “Lock screen when trust is lost”.

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