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Android 9 Pie Features: How to Install & Download in Any Phone

Android 9 Pie Features: How to Install & Download in Any Phone
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Android 9 Pie Features: How to Install & Download in Any Phone
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Not all are aware about Android 9 Pie Launched already in the world. But there is hardly any information about what Smartphone is being installed in it, so we will talk about what Android 9 Pie How to Install in any phone?

In this case if you want to install Android 9 Pie in your smartphone and want to use all its latest features. So here tips and tricks can help you to use Android 9 Pie Latest OS features in any Smartphone.

By the way, the Android 9 Pie has been launched and now with almost all the latest Smartphones Android is getting Android 8.0 Oreo but there are still many users who do not want to update their Smartphone and Lollipop, marshmallow, Nougat etc. on their phone. OS is installed.

All such users are the best option by following the tricks described here in their smartphone and installing Android 9 Pie with below suggested options:

Android 9 Pie : See What’s New

How to Install and Download?: Check Android 9 Pie Features

Google Android 9 Pie is launching in a hurry and is currently available to download its preview version. But the factory image file that is currently available is only for Google Pixel and Nexus devices. So now we can not download Direct android 9 pie to any phone.

By using some different apps, we can make our current OS like Android 9 Pie and for this, we will not need to do our Phone Root or any other developer option change. So if you want to use your phone latest android 9 pie feature then you can see these tips and setting options.

Step # 1:
If we have to change the default UI of a Smartphone, then we need a launcher for it. Which installs in our phone with our old UI and creates a new UI Look for us which we can customize according to our own.

In the same way, we first have to install the android 9 pie launcher in the phone named Flick Launcher Phone. After that we just need to do tab on our home screen and go to Setting and Customize Icon Size, Color, Widget accordingly.

Download Flick Launcher

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Step # 2:
The Home screen and Icon of Android 9 have changed completely as we now have a new aspect ratio in phones so now like the iPhone, the Round Shape icon will also be seen in the Android and for us to create our Phone Round shape icon,

Icon Pack App will have to be downloaded and this is the most famous App for it. Pixel Icon Pack, In this we get all the icons like Android 9 Pie and we can easily add it to the Flick Launcher App.

Download Pixel Icon Pack App

Step # 3:
Through both of these applications, our Phone has converted 90% to Android 9 Pie and we just need another application so that we can do the Phone in the panel round shape and Phone 99% make it like Android pie.

For customize the Notification panel, the app we need is called Power Shade app, this is a Free App and we can convert the Notification of your phone with us without any change.

Download Power Shade app

Just after downloading it, you can create a Full round shape status-bar by going to the Widget option and changing the size a bit.

After changing the size, our process will be completed and if we want to change the color of Bar, Shape, Icon, according to your need,

If we customize these three apps by downloading them, then all the features of our phone will be exactly like the latest android 9 Pie and if we want a Home Widget like this, then we can download it from the Play Store and use it for free.

Friends, in Android 9 Pie, we will be able to see many new features and also see some new UI features, as the aspect ratio of the new phones has changed, then accordingly I would like to change the icon, notification, setting. And that’s why we are seeing these Changes.

It’s just a preview version and it’s only available for Pixel Smartphones. If you have a Pixel phone then you can download and install it. If not, then this method is the best, so that you can get the Android 9 Pie feature in the phone. If you have any questions then you must definitely comment.

Android 9.0 Pie is only available right now for selected devices only, So checkout the list of smartphone whose are getting update of Android 9.0 Pie

  • Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL
  • Pixel/Pixel XL
  • Essential Phone
  • Sony Xperia XZ2
  • Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S
  • Nokia 7 Plus
  • Oppo R15 Pro
  • Vivo X21
  • OnePlus 6
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