Android 6.0 Marshmallow on Sony Xperia Series Smartphones

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Android 6.0 Marshmallow on Sony Xperia Series Smartphones
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The wait is finally over for Sony Xperia users as Google launches the Android 6.0 updated Marshmallow system for specifically three Xperia series smart phones. The expansion has already begun worldwide through Austria, Ireland and France. Soon in another couple of weeks it will be made available for some more Sony mid range models as well. Now the Sony family can easily enjoy updates on almost all range phones in only a couple of weeks.

Unlike other mobile phones that run on the Android system, the Sony smart phones only come with a factory set Google OS 6.0 system. However, on the other hand, most other manufacturers harboring the Android system always offer the latest Google OS 6.0.1 system at the time of purchase which means, these smart phones usually come with this latest update already installed.

But like the case of the Lollipop Android system, Sony Xperia smart phone users are forever hopeful that they will be offered a second update over the Marshmallow system somewhere around midyear. The updated Lollipop Android system by Google was one of the top notch highlights of last year. And we are forever hopeful that history will eventually repeat itself with the new Google Marshmallow Android system as well.

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The latest Marshmallow 6.0 Android update contains all the latest Google novelties which include:

1. Doze Mode:
Android users are occasionally found complaining about reduced battery life especially with heavy applications. However, the new Android Marshmallow system is built to protect and increase your battery life phenomenally. Basically the Doze Mode is meant to put your phone in a sleep mode when it is left idle. But while there are no specially settings that you need to manually set for the Doze Mode to kick in, there are still a few conditions regarding how it actually works. For starters, the smart phone really needs to be sitting idle for the Doze Mode to work. This means that it should not be in your pocket or attached to the charger. Neither should it have any motion detecting senses over working. When left completely idle, all the applications automatically switch over to the sleep mode except for high priority applications like calls or text messages.

2. Fresh launcher:
The new Marshmallow update also comes with a new launcher which gives the whole system a fresh new look. Moreover, it also allows users more customization options to be set according to their singular preferences.

3. Google Now On Tap:
This is perhaps the coolest of the updates being offered. Users now can easily perform various different contextual searches simply based on the content shown on the screen without exiting the already running application.

4. Permission grants to applications
Smart phones on the latest Marshmallow system also allow user to make personal changes to the permissions given to different applications on their phones.

All in all, the latest Google OS Marshmallow system has phenomenally revolutionized Android systems. And while other company phones would occasionally enjoy system updates more frequently than Sony users, now Xperia users in particular can also update their phones at around the same frequency without any added glitches.

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