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6 Most Productive To-Do List Apps for Android

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6 Most Productive To-Do List Apps for Android
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Smartphone play stores come loaded with abundant to-do list apps, making it difficult for users to pick one that suits their needs. Very often, apps that assist in management functions have the same features with slight differences in mechanism of use. Therefore, one doesn’t get to know which kind of app fulfills their requirements in the best way.

Well, most of the apps are different from each other as they offer a solution to a particular problem. In fact, every person can find at least one from the list of best to do list apps for Android, which has a unique feature. Here are the six most productive to-do list apps for Android which are different from each other by their distinct offerings

Todoist is an app available on Android as well iPhone. It has all those features that any to-do list app can have. Like, it allows creating tasks, setting deadlines and receiving reminders. But, what is that unique feature that makes Todoist stand apart among its contemporaries. After all, a tech tool that facilitates making of notes shouldn’t be enough. Youngsters need something that keeps them going. And, Todoist fulfills this need of motivating users with its Karma feature. Once a user completes the checklist, he/she gets the reward points. Therefore, Todoist is more like a game and not only an app.

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Here we have another unusual name on the list. Like rest of the apps TickTock also allows making of to-do lists. But, it utilizes a managerial approach to doing things. A typical lesson that motivational speakers and life coaches teach is about prioritizing the things, to avoid procrastination; they focus on sorting out tasks by urgent and essential. TickTock does the same thing, It unique features make it possible for users to prioritize their tasks and accomplish the urgent one first.

Google Keep
Google has a number of to-do list apps but Google Keep is more popular among them. It is an easy to use app, with an intuitive design and simple user’s interface. The best thing about Google Keep is that it allows uploading of documents, pictures, voice memos and descriptions of tasks in a detailed manner. So making to-do lists on this app is easy for those who want to keep track of things, anywhere and anytime.

This to-do list app for Android is for organizations and small businesses. Owners who want to exploit tech tools for managerial purposes can benefit from Trello. The app has unique card system that categorizes the work into in-progress, completed and to-do tasks. Trello also has a comment system. Therefore, team members can give their input on various projects. Apart from these features that enable monitoring and evaluation Trello also issues reminders for approaching deadlines and also facilitates uploading of word file. Briefly, Trello is not only a to-do list app but a tool to access the progress of any organization on tap of the finger.

Here is another unique to-do list app for Android that helps to manage tasks in a flexible manner. What makes Asana to make its case for the market, is that it offers a room for the incorporation of ever changing plans. Like other apps, Asana indeed offers a to-do list management feature, but it also acts as a forum where team members can discuss the ideas. Therefore, this app makes sure that existing tasks keep on changing and new deadlines are assigned to them according to the latest plans of the team members.

It is better to dub Wunderlist as an app that caters to the needs of youngsters and college students. Apart from enabling setting of tasks and deadlines Wunderlist allows sharing of lists, assigning of tasks, uploading of supporting documents and taking feedback from all the group members. So, users who want to conclude their collaborations in a meaningful manner must opt for Wunderlist.

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