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5 Apps You Must Have On Your Android Mobile in 2017

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5 Apps You Must Have On Your Android Mobile in 2017
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Android currently owns 88% of the whole market share of all the smartphones. That goes to show how dominant android ecosystem is. There are several reasons why android ecosystem rules them all. One of the biggest reason is the freedom and flexibility of android apps. There is an app for almost everything on the google play store. You can find everything from cricket to books, movies to TV shows.

Considering you spend more time on your phone than just calling or messaging. In this article, we discuss about 5 apps that are a must have on your android phone.


Smartcric is an app focused towards cricket. You can visit their website and see how well organized their posts are. They are entirely focused towards cricket. Earlier this year, they launched the smartcric app which has it all that a true cricket fan needs. There are 3 tabs inside the app, one is of cricket news which is where you get to know about the recent happenings in the world of cricket.

The app is a complete package of cricket news and analysis. You will see expert views over a match and the views about a particular cricketer. There is very exciting and interesting material to read every time you enter the app. Any day when a ICC event is happening, the app brings to you the latest cricket score with details like current run rate, bowler and batsman..

When it comes to the design of the app, it is very minimal. There are not too many distractions. It is embedded in two simple colors, white and blue. Size of the app is only 2.2 MB which won’t hurt your phone’s space. It shall install easily and run smoothly. If you are a cricket enthusiast then it is a must have app for you.


Ever wanted to watch a movie or TV show but are tired of going to the theater or even opening your laptop, well showbox is an app sure to spoil you. Showbox is a free app that streams free movies and TV shows. There is no need to sign up and all of that crap which useless apps get done from you.

The app has a rich collection of movies and TV shows. You can click on any movie or show and you will immediately see the thumbnail along with the type of video quality in which the video can be streamed. Most of the videos here are of HD quality. You get subtitles support, bookmarks, music and much more. Look wise the app is very minimal and has easy to understand interface.

Although because the app does not follow google policies, it is not featured in the play store. You will have to manually get it from 3rd party sources. Do make sure, after you download the app, go to your phone settings and enable the option of download from untrusted sources.

Get ready to do binge watching!

Pi Music Player

All the android phones ship with google’s default music player which is really not that great keeping in mind it’s rating on google play store. Here we tell you about a music player which has a rating of 4.8 on the play store. We all know music plays a very important role in our lives. We always look for an app that lets us do whatever we wish our music.

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When it comes to pi music player, In the first glimpse you will see that the app has wrapped itself in material design. As a user a you get to deck up the player in 4 different themes, dark, light, gloss and black theme. The app also has an inbuilt equalizer which can be used to listen to different versions of the same song.

The app on its own organizes your music based on the additional details that any mp3 file carries like all your talk recordings will be at one place and all your songs of a particular album will be at one place. At any instant if you feel a song is really appealing, you can set that song as your ringtone from the app itself.  It gives you a lot of flexibility and freedom to tweak the player.

Fallout Shelter

We all love playing games on your smartphone. They become your best friends when you are alone. Fallout shelter is one such game. It has won several awards like Google’s Play best in 2015 and Golden Joystick handheld/mobile game of the year award. The game is actually about creating a vault which is extremely secure.

The unique selling point of the game is that, all of it happens underground so the challenge is to create a secure vault underground. It is your sure rescue when you have hours of free time to kill. You will be the boss of the vault you create. The whole plot includes lots of modern rooms such that there is no point of getting monotonous with the same visuals.

Users can create the vault as per their wish, mid way you will get help from the fellow dwellers. You will be responsible for creating something wonderful from a junkyard. Users will have to go to places like wasteland, though there is full freedom and you are free to customize tons of things as per your choice.

A must have app if you do get a lot of free time very often.

Nova Launcher

For many, the default google launcher can be boring. It comes with features which really don’t change in their visual appearance and neither do they allow you the freedom to fiddle with the things. Nova launcher is a launcher that will for sure level up the game of your android phone.

Nova launcher is among the very few launcher based apps that has a rating of 4.5+ on the google play store. There are a variety of features that make Nova launcher the best out there. If you don’t like the current android icon pack then you can choose from a wide variety of icon themes. You get the ability to apply gestures so that there are many shortcuts thus saving your time.

There is also a pro version of the app that comes for 2.3$ and it has even more powerful features such as ability to hide an app and more types of gesture settings. You can apply gestures to open or switch off the LED light. You will never get monotonous by using the launcher as the app even lets you customize the app drawer. When it comes to performance, the app is very fluid and works great on every android phone.


Apps have become an integral part of our lives. We spend a huge amount of our time on smartphone and so our choice define our life as well. We have tried to include app of every genre such as they range from games, productivity and entertainment. They are the 5 app you must have on your android mobile in 2017. Hope you like them.

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