3D touch in Android phones Coming Soon

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3D touch in Android phones Coming Soon
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The new display technology is likely to become a new norm in smartphones

The latest mobile phones from Apple, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have become talk of the town. The new devices have come up with a new display technology called ‘3D Touch’ which is expected to become a new norm in smartphones in coming days. Now, this technology is all set to come even in Android mobile phones very soon.

A USA headquartered human interface company, Synaptics is known for its touch solutions, is currently working on introducing a similar 3D Touch technology for Android smartphones. As reported in TweakTown, this human-interface developer Synaptics is responsible for the breakthrough and fully expects the new display technology to ‘become the new norm’ in smartphones.

3D touch in android

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Synaptics plans to use its new ClearPad 3700 Display Controller to fully mirror the same variable force performance of Apple’s 3D Touch and bring it to the realm of Android phones. This new display interface will offer new dimensions in user interfaces such as speed scrolling, zoom, gaming, and text or photo editing by applying variable force with a finger or stylus. The controller also has SideTouch, a new function that allows users to use the bezels of a phone to scroll or tap within disrupting what’s on the screen.

The company wants to start working with OEMs to roll out the 3D Touch-like feature in Android phones by early 2016. So far, Synaptics is not clear whether which OEMs will adopt the new technology. However, company has come up with a list of features of the new 3D Touch like, ClearPad 3700 force controller.

3D touch in apple

3D Touch in iPhone 6s

As per the report, it can manage variable speed scrolling, picture zoom and panning, function preview and selection, continuously variable gaming control functions, unlock and wake up, right-side mouse click behavior (open contextual menus), line thickness control while drawing (e.g., when writing Chinese characters and creating artwork), image editing (brightness, contrast, saturation) and most importantly it can also manage upper case and symbol selection (to bypass keyboard mode changes). This will save a lot of time wasted on operating mobile phone.

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