Why Samsung Internet Browser is Better for Android Phones

As we all know that Google Chrome has the bigger market share in terms of Android Browser fact that it comes default pre-installed browsers in Android mobile phones. When we talk about browsers there are few more alternatives available like Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Samsung Internet Browser.

On Galaxy Phones Samsung Internet browsers comes as a default browser where one can use it as a default browser via setting. You can do it on your phone and share your extensive experience of how it is helpful to the users in comparison with best browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Edge. There are certain users who got the experience that Samsung Internet Browser works superbly compared to Chrome.

When we compare Samsung Internet Browser vs Google Chrome it terms of Global Rank Chrome rank is 6th while Samsung Internet Browser rank 16th. Why are people using Chrome more because Chrome syncs the password, history and opened tabs from the Desktop. Chrome can be used in both Desktop and Mobile while this can be used in just Android Phones. Still for the android phone Samsung Internet Browsers looks great with its interface and the features it has.

How to Set Samsung Internet Browser as Default Browser:

Step #1. First Download the Samsung Internet Browser
Step #2. Open Phone Settings
Step #3. Go to Apps
Step #4. On the All Tabs Go to Default Browser and Tap it
Step #5. Under Launch by Default, Press "Clear Defaults" to Reset Default Browser
Step #6. Open a link, you are asked to select a browser
Step #7. Select Samsung Internet Browser
Step #8. Select Always
Step #9. Done

Samsung Internet Browser Pros:

  • Clean Interface

  • Ad Blocker

  • Newsfeed by DailyHunt

  • Better Scrolling

  • Extensions Installation

  • Less Power Consuming

Samsung Internet Browser Cons:

  • Not Available in Other Phones

  • Not a popular browser compare to Chrome

How to Download Samsung Internet Browser:

It comes pre-installed in the latest Samsung Galaxy phones and other Samsung phones. If you are using another phone you can download from Google Play Store (click here). It comes with a news feed powered by DailyHunt and the interface looks very clean.

Final Thoughts:
As per the current updates Samsung Internet is one of the best browsers for Android Phones. It allows to install extensions, ad blocker, clear interface and the less battery power consumption gives a high rating for download.

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