How to Get New Emoji on Android Phone

Get all new Emoji on your Android Phone

Recently, Android users were little furious on Google. That’s because iPhone users were teasing them with their new set of emoji released by Apple. Whenever an iPhone user sends an message with Emoji, an Android user will either get a blank space or just a plain box.

Google didn’t took long to understand this annoyance. They released the new set of Emoji for Android users in their new update Android Marshmallow 6.0.1. This move isn’t going to make Android users happy. The reason behind that is only 0.5% of users are having Marshmallow on their device.

If you are one of those who has not received the Marshmallow update on your device, and also wish to have the new set of Emoji, then read this guide till end your device will surely have all the Emoji.


• You will need to have a rooted device. Check guide on rooting any Android device.
• You will also need to have a Custom Recovery installed. Check out how to install recovery.

Now, assuming that you have successfully rooted your device, and also installed a custom recovery; we can proceed with flashing the Emoji to your device.

How to get new Emoji on almost any Android phone:

  1. Step #1: Download the flashable ZIP file of Emoji from here
  2. Step #2: Place the downloaded ZIP in root folder of SD card.
  3. Step #3: Now restart your device in recovery mode.
  4. Step #4: Take complete backup of your device using recovery options.
  5. Step #5: Now flash the Emoji ZIP file. Installation process differ in CWM (Clock Work Mode)and TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project).
  6. Step #6: Restart your device and enjoy the new Emoji.

Voila! You can now start teasing your friends or family who has latest Android version by sending them the new Emoji.

In case you get stuck in any step, you can always comment below and we will revert back in a day. Alternatively you can also get in touch with us on our social media pages.


  1. Downloaded file is not a zip. It is jar file. Meh.

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