5 Best Android Shortcut Apps for Faster Access App-Switching

Luckily, on Android, we can roll out improvements that rate up how we cooperate with our smartphones — no establishing or glimmering required. Engineers have thought of some somewhat imaginative easy routes for setting a call, sending a content, and rapidly getting to other basic assignments. A large portion of them have picked to imitate Assistive Touch for iOS. Hello, whatever works.

Here are five that got my consideration.

1. EasyTouch
Assistive Touch . When you tap the symbol, you're given a variety of activities. Cases incorporate locking the screen, flipping Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, dispatching one of your most loved applications, starting up the camera, or playing out various different assignments.

Download EasyTouch
floating-toolbox-shortcut-app2. Floating Toolbox
Floating Toolbox utilizes a drifting catch, yet as opposed to opening a menu when you tap that symbol, you get a rundown of your most loved applications. A board of them drops down from the roundabout catch, and it withdraws back in when you're set. At that point the symbol blurs so as not to block your perspective.

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floating-toolbox-app-android3. Assistive Touch 2
There are various applications in the Play Store that essentially call themselves Assistive Touch. A large portion of them are to a great extent the same, and there isn't quite a bit of motivation to pick them over EasyTouch beside a distinction in appearance.

Truly however, it's the subsequent application that warrants a notice. Assistive Touch 2 shrivels the sliding catch into a littler, less meddlesome target.

Download Assistive Touch2

4. Shorty
Its a important apps which gives red circle button to access easily on home screen. Shorty app provides maximum five task operate button. Its completely easy to use application with extremely popular app which offers calling facility directly from android phone home screen as well as contacts details, messages button, camera photos and new launching apps access.

Download Shorty
shorty-shortcut-apps-shorty-for-androidShorty gets you access to the things you use and care about most on your phone such as SMS, MMS, Email, apps and more. With Shorty you can get instant access to any shortcuts you choose no matter.

5. Simple Shortcuts
Simple Shortcuts is one of the best shortcut button solution for your android phone. It will be visible on your smartphone screen as side of the screen in which you can add all your shortcuts. You can add favorites and selected apps in this panel with swipe touch option.

You can run easy and always simple shortcut.

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