Aadhaar Card Update Online: How to Change Address, Name, Mobile, DOB & Email Details

Aadhaar card has become very important in today's time Whether it is use for opening a bank account or to get a new SIM card, you need an address proof in anything you need for Aadhar card. As if nothing is done without a Aadhaar card, but sometimes it happens that whenever we build our new first Aadhaar card, at that time, the person who created the Aadhaar card will sometimes have some spell Mistake in the name or Date of birth is wrong or if some people shift from one place to another, their address changes, then now to change an address we have to go back to the Aadhaar card, but now Everything is digital, you can do all the work online at home the below step by step guides.

The government has now issued instructions on the Aadhaar card that the citizens will now have to link their Aadhaar to the PAN card. Then select the option of what you have to do, like voter ID card, passport and other things. Now scan and upload and click on the submit button.

Aadhaar is a 12 digit card which is given to Indian nationals. It is issued through the Unique Identification Authority of India ie UIDAI. This is a digital ID proof which is used for the benefit of government schemes. In some cases, the Aadhaar card is required even during the PAN card and income tax department or PDS.

To update Aadhar Card online, users must have a registered mobile number so that he/she can get the sms on that for any changes.

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How to update/Change Address in Aadhaar Card

You need to first go to the website of https://uidai.gov.in/ click this link and then go to the update Aadhaar option. After this, the Aadhaar self-service update portal will open in a new tab. In this portal, users will get two options where they can go and update their address.

First Option - You can Update with proof of validated address

1. Login with Aadhaar number, then click on captcha image to fetch OTP.

2. Go to the preview tab and enter your new address

3. Now you will see a new address. Then click on the submit tab.

4. Then select the option of what you have like voter ID card, passport and other things. Now scan and upload and click on the submit tab.

5. At that time, the page will give you a URN number. Write it down.

If you do not have a valid address proof then you can still update it with the help of the address validation letter. It comes from UIDAI. For this, you have to help from your family member, landlord or friend that you can use the Aadhaar registered address.

Option B - Update with Address Validation Letter

1. Request for captcha image and OTP by logging from the Aadhaar number

2. Enter Secret Code.

3. Preview the address

4. Save the URN by submitting the request.

How to Update Mobile Number on Aadhaar card

One thing is that all the users have to pay attention to that only you can update your address online on the Aadhaar card. At the same time, you have to go to the UIDAI Enrollment Center for name, date of birth, gender, mobile and email. For this you can choose an office near your home. You can find it by clicking on 'Locate Enrolment Center'.

How to Update/Change Name in Aadhaar Card

Aadhaar card users can change their name if updated wrong in the Aadhaar Card, then here is facility to help you for those who have wrong names in their Aadhaar due to mistake. To change your name in Aadhaar, you have to visit the Aadhaar Enrolment/Update Centre other wise follow the steps:

1. Fill the Aadhaar Enrolment/Correction Form

2. Login to https://uidai.gov.in Portal using your Aadhaar number

3 Submit your Aadhaar name change/correction with change request online.

4. Scan and upload self-attested Proof of Identity document (soft copy) online

5. After the submitted all details for name change & correction, you will be get your Aadhaar card Update Request Numbe which you can use to track the request status


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