Pattern Lock Forgot: How to Unlock Pattern Lock in Android Phone

It is often seen that we forget the pattern lock of our smartphone, which leads us to many troubles. To open the pattern, we either have to go to the service centre or find somebody in our neighbourhood, who keeps the information and unlocks the lock pattern. Have you ever wondered whether the employee of the service centre or the neighbour in your neighbourhood opens a pattern that you fail to open.

we are using lock patterns to keep our smartphone safe from strangers. Our motive is to protect our personal messages, videos, or photos from reaching the wrong hands. Apart from this, the mobile phone is also afraid of being stolen. Do you know, after the phone has been stolen, an incorrect person accesses your mail, photos or other important data? Occasionally it is possible that you forgot the unlock pattern or password. Or someone changed the unlock pattern in the name of joking with you. What will you do in this situation? The easiest way to get diagnosed with this problem is by Android Device Manager. It is important for this to be installed on your Android device, even before the phone is locked.

In fact, companies also offer facade of unlock with lock. Companies also know that you can make such a mistake. Because everybody knows them, they will miss your data, so companies keep this feature inside.

Step by Step Tricks and Tips: To Open Forgot Pattern Lock/Password

Step #1: Unlock via Android Device Manager:

  • We have already told you that this method will work on Android devices in which Android Device Manager is Active. It is worth noting that this feature automatically activates when you set up your Android handset through your Gmail account. By the way, you can activate it by going to Security Options within Google Settings on your mobile.

  • Now visit the web-page in the computer or any mobile phone's Internet browser.

  • Then log in with the same Google ID that you used to set up your Android phone.

  • Then select the device in the ADM interface, whose unlock pattern you want to delete.

  • Then select 'Lock'.

  • Now a popup window will open. Enter a temporary password here. It is optional to provide recovery messages and phone numbers. Then click on 'Lock' again.

  • If this process is successful then you will see a message written in the box below the ring, lock and erase button.

  • Now you will be able to see a password field on your phone. Use temporary passwords created shortly before By doing so you will be able to unlock your phone.

  • Before using the phone again with unpredictable, once again disable the temporary password by going to lock screen settings inside the phone's settings.

Step #2: Forgot Pattern lock option

After the pattern is locked, there are some chances to open it. After that there are some options below. There are emergency calls and forget patterns. Click Forget Pattern. The option of Gmail login will come. You login with the same ID from which you run your device. Keep in mind or else any other id will not work for you. Pattern lock will open as soon as you sign in.

Step #3 : Factory Data Reset

This method is for those people whose mobile version runs on Lollipop or above. If you forget the pattern then you can reset your mobile hard reset. First off Shutdown Mobile Then bring it to Recovery mode. Most of the mobile's recovery mode is power button + volume up / down. Although many devices come in this mode in other ways. Mobile touchscreen does not work in recovery mode. You can ok from the Volume Button and Above the Power button.

When you press the button, the recovery mode of your mobile will open which has many options, you have to ok with the power button on wipe data / factory reset. After this yes to do. After some time your mobile user data will be deleted and your pattern will also be opened. Okay on Reboot after Factory Reset is done. Your mobile will be on.
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