How to add TV apps on Directv?: Step To Access TV Applications on DirecTV

DIRECTV is a leader in home entertainment technology. With all the entertainment channels, movies shows, news, etc, Directv provides you a facility of impeccable applications. So, you might choose your mobile phone to entertain you with the latest sports news, weather information, and listen to fresh music albums, Directv has introduced a new notability which covers all the entertainment news, latest release, unparalleled movie shows with their timings, etc.

Let’s face it, Directv is facilitating you with exceptional features and applications for now. Whatever the reason is, you have no excuse to go back to your smartphone. Directv interactive tv apps allow you to access the following interesting additional features:-

  • Direct score guide: It provides you an up to date score of every minute. Whether you’re a fan of football, cricket, badminton, tennis, or soccer, direct score guide will enable to get-up-to-minute sports score, schedule and standing of the major sports. You’re in college, office, or working on a project, Directv will provide you the major buzz of your favorite sport in seconds.

  • Weather: We normally use our fingers on our mobile screen to know the weather for today, Directv has a special application that enables you to know the weather details of more than 5 cities at a time.

  • iHeartRadio: iHeartRadio is a well-established music application that incorporates varied radio stations from different countries. So, if you’re working at home, and need some music in your ear, Directv can definitely help you with that.

  • Fantasy Football: If you’re a die-hard fan of football or, fantasy football will allow you to enjoy the screening on your Directv from starting to end.

  • Directv what's hot: Want to know the running recent shows on television, what’s hot will provide you a plethora of movie shows and other tv series that you would love to watch on your Directv.

Prerequisite to access tv apps on Directv

  • To access tv applications on Directv, you need the following things:-
    A genie (model HR44 or model C31)
    An active internet connection
    Directv HD receiver

  • Now to access these tv applications, follow the given procedure:-

    Step 1 - Press the right arrow button on the remote
    Step 2 - Highlight the applications via up and down arrow keys
    Step 3 - Select the app by pressing the “select” option.
    Step 4 - To exit press the “exit” button.

    However, if anytime you see directv error 775, it means your receiver is having trouble communicating with your satellite dish. Learn how to solve directv error 775 in this guide here.

  • Other Applications


There are few other applications as well, you can select them from the same menu as told before. However, few of those applications are premium service, thus, you have to buy the application before using them on your Directv HD.

Directv has changed the way of watching television. Now it's not important to use your phone to get entertained, your Directv HD is filled with unparalleled entertainment applications. Now enjoy major entertainment shows, new, and other sports channels on your Directv for free!


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