10 Best Apps for Android that you shouldn’t miss at any cost

List of 10 Best Android Apps: No Root required

Ever imagined what would we do with our Android smart phone without the world of apps. It would be no different than having a plastic box with bunch of electronics components in our hand. Yes, the basic function would of calling and texting would still be functional.

Basic these days is too ‘Basic’, we need something advanced each passing day. There are millions of apps on Google App Store, and it becomes literally impossible to keep track of each of them. There are many apps that are super awesome but we might not have noticed it.

We have handpicked some of those apps that we might not have noticed. We have already given about some cool apps like Microsoft Hyperlapse and LockScreen. Today we are giving a complete list of app that you must have on your Android.

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10 Best apps for Android Phone

  1. Settle Up

Going out on a trip with friends? Don’t forget to have this app installed. It will give you complete calculation on who spent how much and for whom. Just create a group of friends at beginning of trip, and start entering transactions. Rest will be taken care by the app.

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  1. Unified Remote

Turn your phone into a remote for your laptop, has multiple remotes – keyboard, mouse, WMP, VLC, Slideshow. Check in Google Play Store to explore the complete list of functions app has to offer.

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  1. Google Goggles

It is a reverse image search app, you have the pic of any object or place but don’t remember the name. No need to worry, just check it with Google Goggles.

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  1. Mighty Text

Enables you to send messages between your PC and your phone. You can also send messages from your PC on behalf of your mobile.

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  1. Gravity Screen On Off

As the name suggests, the app lets your turn on or off your screen without pressing the power button. Whether you place your phone in pocket or on a table, you screen will automatically turn off. As soon as you pick it up, screen with be turned on.

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  1. Drippler

This is a must have app, and one of the best app for Android fans. It gives you latest news on Android, along with new updates available for your mobile as well as your Android Wear. Stay up-to-date with this app, if you are a die-hard fan of Android.

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  1. Helium

Helium lets you take backup of all your existing app along with their app data. So if you messing around with your Android device, make sure you backup every single things with Helium.

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  1. Lock Me Out

This is my personal favorite; are you addicted to mobile? This is a must have app for you then. Spend some quality time with your friends and family instead of sticking your eye balls on mobile. The app will change your PIN as soon as Lock-in period start, and revert it back to your original PIN after the time set is over.

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  1. Voice Notification: Shouter

Lazy enough to read your notifications, don’t worry download this free app and it will read out all your notifications for you. There are many more features, just read the description on Play store.

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  1. PhotoMath

I held no responsibility if you use this app in your exams. The app can calculate mathematical problems, you just need to use the camera and focus on the question, the app will automatically calculate and give you the answer.

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Out of the list, which one is your favorite app? Share with us on our social media pages or you can use the comment box.

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