How to Recover Lost Notifications on Android

Step to Recover Lost Notifications on Android: How to Access

You having a trouble situation and not getting notifications on same time that you had not checked out yet that time in your Android smartphone’s status bar, there we published article on how to recover lost notifications on android phone: Notifications messages are filled up so fat and we will missed some important but now you can still get it back by finding the Android notification history.

Here we placed simple way to check and pull up old and dismissed notifications on android mobile. No need to anything download here just do the following steps and get back all things on Android 4.3 Jellybean or above.

How to Recover Lost Notifications on Android Phone

Step #1. First go On home screen and press long to get “Widgets” option.

Step #2. Click on “Widgets” option and See the full menu.

how-to-recover-lost-notifications-on-androidStep #3. Search “Settings Shortcut” OR Swipe to left until you dont find

Step #4. Tap to Select “Notification log.” OR Try Drag this “Notification log.” icon on your android phone screen by long-tap click

recover-lost-notifications-on-androidStep #5. Now “Notification log” shortcut will appear on your home screen and click to seee all your notification history

Step #6. White is showing a active notifications and grey is showing a closed notifications

Now after doing above steps, think you didnt missed any notification because this steps is give the full activity and you can get back them easily.

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