Nokia Android Smartphone ‘Nokia Pixel’ Spotted on Benchmark

Is Nokia Pixel an Android Phone? Nokia might come up with their first new Android smartphone Nokia Pixel. It sounds like Google Pixel but it is not. As Google Pixel priced on higher side but Nokia will come up with budget smartphone. It is surfaces on Geekbench benchmarking website. As per the online sources the smartphone might come up with latest Android Nougat version.

Nokia entry level Android smartphone ‘Pixel’ might gain more popularity as Nokia is a big brand name. The main concern for Nokia is that they never launched Android smartphone and this will their first but the brand name might give boost to their model. Nokia Pixel might come up with 1GB RAM and dual core Qualcomm processor. The other specifications are not still confirmed but as the budget smartphone it will have as per market standards.

Let’s wait for Nokia Pixel to launch in the market. Nokia lovers will surely have their first Nokia android smartphones in their hands. Till then wait for the all new Nokia smartphone.


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