How to Stop WhatsApp Automatically Downloading Photos


Today WhatsApp is somewhat like an inevitable thing of everyone’s life, having more and more active users daily But at the same time, the app has some nuisance of automatically downloading media files like photos and videos by default. Below are some easy steps to stop WhatsApp from automatically saving photos and audio on your phone.

Step one
Open WhatsApp and go to the main chats screen. Then click on the three vertical dots on extreme right to open settings.

Step two
From setting menu, open Chat Settings and select the Media auto-download option.

Step three
You will be shown three options to decide if you wish to download content while using mobile data, or while connected to a Wi-Fi network or Roaming. Now you can open and deselect the Image, Audio and Video check boxes from each Mobile Data, Wi-Fi and Roaming options. But remember, that voice messages are always downloaded for good quality, so this is not optional.

You are done. Now you will be asked whether you want to save a Whatsapp photo, audio or video file to your Android device.


How to Stop WhatsApp Automatically Downloading Photos droidsavvy-whatsapp-stop-auto-downloading_2

Steps to stop automatically saving photos and audio on your Android Phones

There are easy steps to stop automatically saving photos on Android smartphones

1. Open WhatsApp and click on Settings button at the extreme right.

2. Open Chat settings turn incoming media Off.

This will stop pictures in the camera roll, and taking your synced Photostream. But bad news is that there is no other option to refrain WhatsApp from auto-downloading photos on your android phones.