Reduce Mobile Data Usage in Android by limiting certain apps

Admit it, no matter what flagship device we use; we all tend to worry about data drain. For prepaid users, the ultimate punishment might be getting to zero balance, but for billing based users, they will surely get an cardiac arrest when their monthly bill arrives.

We keep trying different tricks and apps to reduce our data usage on Android, some works and few don’t. This is an ever annoying issue for any smart phone users. We might need some apps to use data in background to get notifications and emails. But then, there are many apps working in background which silently eats up your data without letting you know.

There are many apps that cut-down internet connection and saves you from data consumption. There’s a drawback, you cannot chose which app to allow access to internet and to which you don’t. Here’s the perfect solution to this problem. Just check our guide below and start saving your mobile data.

Please Note: You will need to have Lollipop or advanced version to use this app.

How to reduce mobile data usage in Android

Step #1: Install NetGuard app from Google Play Store (Free)

netguardStep #2: Press ‘OK’ for disclaimer you see when you launch the app.

Step #3: On top near NetGuard, Toggle ON the option to start NetGuard service


netguard toggleStep #4: First you will be notified about NetGuard using VPN service, and secondly you will be prompted to agree on using VPN. Tap on ‘OK’ for both notification.

netguard VPN agreeStep #5: NetGuard is by default set to disable all internet traffic, so go to NetGuard Settings within app.

netguard settingsStep #6: Uncheck first three options.

netguard uncheck optionsStep #7: Now select the apps you wish to allow or disallow.

netguard block apps

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