Guide on How to check who has read your message in WhatsApp group

WhatsApp has almost replaced the traditional SMS’s. It is one of the app with largest active users across the globe. WhatsApp has been regularly updated to cater upcoming requirements of its users. There are certain features, which we aren’t yet familiar with.

Recently, with new update, WhatsApp included ‘Blue Tick’ to let users know whether the recipient has read their message or not. The same feature also works in WhatsApp group. In case of group, the Blue Tick appears when everyone in the group has read the message.

Now comes the question, what if you want to check whether a particular person has read the message or not in the group. If the group has many members, you cannot wait for hours to notice the ‘Blue Tick’. There’s simple way to find out, check the guide given below for more details.

How to find who has read your message in a WhatsApp group

Step #1: Open WhatsApp messenger

Step #2: Tap on the group, and send a message (Anything you like)

Step #3: Now long press the message you just sent.



Step #4: Now on the top, tap on ‘i’ (information) symbol.


Step #5: Now you can see who has received that particular message, and also who has read that message.

Wasn’t that pretty simple? With the help of this feature, your friends cannot lie or fool you, that they didn’t read the message in group.

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